Newborn Calf Looks Just like Kiss Frontman Gene Simmons, And The Internet Is Going Wild!

A newborn calf looks exactly like Gene Simmons in his Kiss makeup and even does Gene's signature tongue move.

The baby cow, appropriately named Genie, was born on a ranch in Kerrville, Texas, just 85 miles west of Austin.

Apparently a bit of a miracle baby, Genie was born to a cow that was considered too old to have any more calves. The ranch owners didn't even realize the 25-year-old cow was pregnant. This was quite a shock!

According to Fox13, the calf became an internet sensation when Drew Taylor, from the Hill Country Visitor, the local "travel website in Kerrville," saw a photo of the calf from the granddaughter of the ranch owner, Heather.

When he saw Genie's tongue stick out, Taylor could see the similarity between Simmons and the newly-born calf. He then posted the photos of the calf side by side with Simmons and noted the resemblance. Taylor boldly asked Gene Simmons, "Where were you on or about November 25, 2016?"

Obviously, little Genie is still too young to ask. Perhaps one day Gene will tell the little one, "Genie, I am your father," in a very Darth Vader voice?

Clearly tickled, the Kiss frontman, who often retweets photos of anything pertaining to Kiss, tweeted about it himself, and confirmed this was real!

"This is real, folks!!! Calf called Genie is born on Texas ranch and looks EXACTLY like Kiss rocker Gene Simmons"
Well, the Family Jewels star has the chance to meet his mini me! Taylor is inviting Simmons to Texas to have a steak at the Cowboy Steakhouse and meet little Genie.
"I want Gene Simmons to come to Kerrville. I'll buy him a steak at the Cowboy Steakhouse. He needs to meet his little protégé."

Simmons has been wearing his "Demon" character makeup for over 40 years now. As he has an abnormally long tongue, he would open his mouth and stick out his tongue during his bass solos during the band's entertaining rock and roll performances. Simmons also would breathe fire in the band's very theatrical act.

Each member of the band Kiss was made up differently. Drummer Peter Criss as the "Catman," guitarist and singer Paul Stanley as the "Starman," and guitarist Ace Frehley as the "Spaceman," often changed to "Space Ace" by super-fans.

Locals are especially entertained to learn that baby Genie's tongue sticks out all of the time, leading the local Fox station to surmise that the baby cow is "determined to live out its legacy as a rock star."

In a sort of Charlotte's Web twist, many also surmise that Genie is now the mascot and will never be served up at the local steakhouse.

What do you think of Genie the calf looking like Gene Simmons? Do you think Gene should meet Genie? Share your comments below!

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for Race To Erase MS]