Blac Chyna Criticized By Fans Saying She Resembles A ‘Clown’ In Recent ‘Hippie’ Outfit

Blac Chyna’s social media followers did not hold back when it came to criticizing one of her more interesting outfits this week.

Chyna sported a pair of polka-dotted bell bottom pants with a matching head scarf as she made her way to a club appearance in Los Angeles on Saturday. Blac Chyna completed the seemingly ’70’s-inspired look with a red wig and black lipstick.

She posted a couple images showcasing the outfit to her Instagram, where her followers proceeded to share their harsh opinions. The 29-year-old simply captioned one of the posts “Issa look” as she implied she was enjoying wearing the ensemble.

Some of her 13.3 million followers commented back with “Issa no” as they implied the outfit is not as fashionable as Chyna believes. One Instagram user even stated the mother of two resembles a clown in the outfit as they shared their opinion on her post.

“*Issa mess. Auto correct always be playing up!”

Several others stated Chyna looks like a hippie in the retro outfit as one commenter went as far as to tell Chyna to “hurry up and delete” the photos.

Of course, the former stripper also received compliments on the polka-dotted look as people said they love how she put it together.

“I love this outfit! You look so cute in it!”

Perez Hilton also reported on Blac Chyna’s weekend look as the site stated she was reportedly paid $15,000 for her hour-long club appearance at Project LA.

The article calls her black-and-white outfit “interesting club attire” as it gives details on the brands Chyna wore on Saturday.

“The momma-of-two put a modern twist on a ’70s-inspired look as she wore black lipstick, a red Kendra’s Boutique wig, and a Shane Justin polka-dot bell bottoms with a matching headband.”

Readers commented on the Perez Hilton article as they too shared their harsh opinions on Blac Chyna’s “hippie” outfit. One commenter called Chyna “trashy” as they read about her latest outing.

“So trashy, frankly how these so called celebrities get paid for nothing is beyond me, lots of suckers out there I guess..”

Others questioned if Halloween has come early this year as yet more people referred to Chyna as a clown. One reader did say Blac Chyna looked beautiful in her weekend outfit, only to then be questioned by other commenters.

“She looks beautiful!”

“I’m sorry to hear that you are blind, my sympathies.”

And the criticism did not stop at social media comments as sites also question Blac Chyna’s fashion. A celebrity site called X17 asked if Chyna’s fashion “could get any worse” as it reported on her polka-dotted attire.

The site did not hold back when it came to criticizing the model’s latest look as its readers joined in with comments such as “yes, she can get even tackier.”

It appears Blac Chyna is not winning over fans with her recent outfit as most comments seem to be negative when it comes to her fashion sense.

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]