‘Guild Wars 2’ Expansion ‘Path Of Fire’ Releases In September With Mounts, New Specializations

Explore the Crystal Desert atop mounts, master a new specialization for each profession, and start bounties for everyone to hunt in the second expansion of Guild Wars 2. The Path of Fire expansion releases in September, giving players a chance to stop Balthazar and his army set on destroying the world.

In the upcoming expansion, players will return to Elona where Balthazar works to bolster his forces. The new area includes five zones for players to discover, and players will be traversing the landscape in a way new to Guild Wars 2. Path of Fire players at the maximum level can start working on their Mastery to unlock mounts. In Guild Wars 2, mounts provide more than an ample speed boost. Each mount has a unique form of movement and a special ability available when a player first enters combat from the mount.

Four different mounts provide players a new way to navigate Tyria as listed on the Path of Fire website. The raptor can easily jump large gaps while the springer can leap straight into the air, reaching great heights. The skimmer is a capable mount that can move quickly across water or even quicksand. Finally, players can train the magical jackal, a mount that can teleport.

Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire mounts and mastery

In addition to mounts, players can expect a new specialization for each profession in Guild Wars 2. Similar to the first expansion, Path of Fire includes new specializations giving each class a new weapon and new abilities. Elementalists can become Weavers utilizing two attunements, wielding swords, and using stances. Engineers have access to the Holosmith specialization that lets them wield a sword as well while letting them create light constructs. Guardians can specialize in the Firebrand option, giving them access to axes and mantras while turning their virtues into lorebooks. Mesmers will find that the new Mirage specialization also unlocks access to axes and focuses the class on cloaking rather than dodging in combat.

Necromancers have the new Scourge option that summons sand shades and unlocks torches for use. Rangers will find that the new Soulbeast specialization is a way to infuse with their pet, gaining access to their abilities alongside the use of daggers. Revenants can become Renegades calling on the charr Kalla Scorchrazor, giving them access to a shortbow. The Thief profession will include the Deadeye specialization that allows players to use a rifle and mark targets. Lastly, Warriors can become Spellbreakers wielding broken spears, daggers in this case, while using their adrenaline to counter foes.

Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire specializations for all classes

Path of Fire will launch on September 22 and costs $29.99 for the expansion with a level 80 character boost. A deluxe edition and an ultimate edition are also available with extra items for $54.99 or $79.99 respectively. Purchasing the new expansion does not unlock the first, Heart of Thorns. However, purchasing both at the same time will make the first expansion cheaper. Heart of Thorns is not required to play Path of Fire.

Not to mention, a preview weekend is scheduled for later this month. From August 11 through August 13, players with an active Guild Wars 2 account can preview some of the PvE content in the expansion according to the official site. Even free Guild Wars 2 players can participate in the upcoming Path of Fire weekend.

[Featured Image by ArenaNet]