Malia Zimmerman, Rod Wheeler Facebook Photos: Fox News Denies Reporter Published Trump-Approved Fake News

Paula Mooney

The photos of Malia Zimmerman and Rod Wheeler, along with their Facebook pages, are certainly getting plenty of attention in light of the lawsuit that Rod has filed against Fox News. As reported by Variety, Wheeler is an investigator who spent time working on the case involving the death of Seth Rich, a murdered Democratic National Committee staffer. In his lawsuit, Rod claims that Fox News made up quotes

Fox News claims that there's no evidence that Malia misquoted Wheeler in a story that has been retracted from Fox News' website, something else that Fox News says they are investigating. However, as reported by Heavy, Fox News' Zimmerman is the subject of the lawsuit that claims both President Donald Trump and Sean Spicer were in cahoots when Zimmerman's Fox News article about Seth and WikiLeaks was created. Rod's suit claims that the impetus for the alleged fake article was to distract from the Trump-Russia controversies.

On Wheeler's Facebook page, Rod has uploaded photos that show him as a contributor to Fox News, as well as his credentials as a former homicide detective. The comments section of Wheeler's Facebook page features comments from some Facebook users who note their surprise that he contributed to Fox News.

Other photos on Wheeler's Facebook page, like the following photo, show Rod standing inside the White House press room.

Zimmerman's Facebook page also shows plenty of photos of herself. The woman at the center of the controversial lawsuit shows up in photos like the one below, posted to Facebook about a year ago.

Malia has personal photos on her Facebook page with some famous faces, like Sean Hannity.

Zimmerman has photos of herself appearing pretty active in outdoor sports, such as the photo below.

The photos on Zimmerman's Facebook page show her active Hawaiian lifestyle.

Malia started a website in Hawaii that was conservative in nature. Zimmerman is an award-winning journalist who is popular in Hawaii, but now is embroiled in a controversy that's making her even more well known.

Some of Zimmerman's most recent articles on the Fox News website give readers an idea of her writing style.

The Fox News story at the center of the lawsuit by Wheeler claims that he received a text message letting him know that President Trump allegedly read the article in question prior to it being published.

[Featured Image by Richard Drew/AP Images]