Potential ‘Midnight Club’ Remaster Leaked On Xbox Live

A remaster of the racing video game franchise Midnight Club by Rockstar Games is reportedly in the works, at least according to a new leak from Xbox Live.

A Reddit user by the name Derik2502 discovered that a Rockstar Games developer has been testing the “remaster” game. He even provided links to the profile of the developer in question, the game icon that clearly says Midnight Club, and screenshots hosted on the server.

However, the screenshot sources of the purported Midnight Club remaster game have been taken down (the actual images remain), which has many believing that they could actually be from an unannounced project from the series that Rockstar Games is working on. The removal of the links was understood by some as damage control on the developer’s part.

GTA Net staff member and Twitter user Spider-Vice also pointed out how the game icon remains on the Xbox Live servers connected to the direct Microsoft link. He is also convinced that there is not another game in existence that these leaked items could be easily mistaken from, so it is possible that a new Midnight Club installment is being cooked up.

Many gamers are holding out hope that this exciting leak turns out to be completely genuine and that a Midnight Club project is indeed being worked on.

A motorcycle breezes through the tracks in 'Midnight Club: LA'

The franchise is known for providing the ultimate competitive street racing experience with a litany of muscle and luxury cars and superbikes to boot. The series allowed players to race through various cities, including London, New York City, Tokyo, Detroit, San Diego, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Paris. It has been seven years since the most recent one, Midnight Club: Los Angeles—Complete Edition, was released.

Rockstar stopped updating the franchise despite its popularity. In turn, the racing video game series did not make its way to the current-generation consoles. Despite this, there is a lot of love toward Midnight Club years after the last one came out, and if the leak is anything to go by, it seems that the studio recognizes that too.

Some are speculating that a Midnight Club game is being made backward compatible, although some NeoGAF users pointed out how that the button prompt on the title screen appears to be the one used on titles built for Xbox One instead of games in emulation, which means it could be something entirely new.

A vehicle races through the road at breakneck speeds in 'Midnight Club: LA'

Others suggested that this Midnight Club game is simply one that is being ported to the current-gen console the same way Microsoft did with its 2004 hit action-strategy video game Phantom Dust, which was re-released to the Xbox One and PC back in May.

For now, however, nothing has been confirmed. Rockstar has yet to make official anything Midnight Club-related, so gamers are advised to take this report with a pinch of salt.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]