John Ritter’s Child, Stella, Is Reportedly Transitioning Into A Male

The news is out that John Ritter’s child, born Stella, is reportedly transitioning into a male. Radar Online shared the details about the late John Ritter’s daughter. A close friend explained that Stella is now transitioning from a female to a male. The source went on to explain that this all started in September when he turned 18. Stella is now going by the name of Noah Lee Ritter instead of Stella.

Stella is the only child of John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck. The source said that he made the decision to change during high school, but didn’t go through with it until he was 18. The source said that Stella now lives as Noah 24/7 and even has facial hair that is starting to grow in due to the treatments that he is receiving. A picture on Instagram that showed Noah with a mustache and chin stubble has since been deleted.

Since this all happened after John Ritter’s death, nobody will ever know how he would feel about it; fans can only assume what John’s thoughts would have been. The source says that John would have been totally supportive of whatever his child wanted to do. When John died, Stella was just 5-years-old and has kept a pretty low profile since then. Ritter was only 54-years-old at the time of his death and a source shared that this has all been really hard on Stella at the time.

It is being reported that Noah’s mom and half-brother are very supportive of this big decision. Noah Lee Ritter does have a Twitter account, but the tweets are protected. Fans would love to see Noah just let them in on his life and what is going on now. The fans are very curious now and it is also a way to stay connected to the late John Ritter.

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