‘Dance Moms’ Season 7B Spoilers, Including Fights, New Dances, And Rivalries [Videos]

Despite Abby Lee Miller being in prison, Dance Moms will be returning to Lifetime for Season 7B tomorrow night on Lifetime. This season will be the very last one that features the Junior Elite team, as they have all confirmed they are moving on from the television show. While there are rumors of an eighth season, it most definitely will not feature the main Dance Moms girls or their mothers.

Most Dance Moms viewers are aware that during the filming of this current season, Abby Lee Miller jumped ship halfway through filming due to “ill-treatment” from the producers. After leaving, the girls decided to be coached by Cheryl Burke of Dancing with the Stars, and fan-favorite Chloe Lukasiak, who has been gone for a few years, returns to the scene.

Lifetime has just released three exclusive previews ahead of tomorrow night’s premiere.

In tomorrow night’s episode, it appears Brynn Rumfallo, one of the newer members of the troupe, is having issues with her mother, Ashley. Like any teenager and her mother, the pair bicker, but it seems that Ashley and her husband are having marital issues that are weighing on Brynn. The entire cast stands awkwardly outside as Brynn and her mother discuss what’s going on with Brynn’s parents.


The preview also shows a new dance choreographed by Abby Lee Miller, which shows Brynn Rumfallo, Kalani Hilliker, and Maesi Caes learning a new dance. Within the dance, Kalani takes the role of a mother, while Brynn and Maesi play her daughters who are leaving the nest.

Lastly, the Dance Moms preview shows Eliana and Liliana’s mothers, Yolanda and Stacey, continuing their rivalry that has constantly been present since the girls were selected to dance on the team. Liliana, like team standout Maddie Ziegler, appeared in Sia’s music video for “Move Your Body,” which has Yolanda, Eliana’s mother, seeing red. The pair continue to argue and bicker, with Nia Sioux’s mother, Holly Frazier, adding her two cents on the issue.

It appears the show’s format has not changed much, and for the first few episodes at least, there will be the same bickering and anger between the moms that are constantly present on the show.

Dance Moms Season 7B premieres tomorrow on Lifetime at 9/8 central.


[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]