‘The Walking Dead’ S8 Premiere Will Explain Rick Grimes’ ‘Time Jump,’ ‘All-Out War’ Is Action-Packed

In under three months, The Walking Dead will debut the Season 8 premiere and with it an explanation regarding the San Diego Comic-Con’s trailer’s ending showing an elder Rick Grimes with gray hair and a beard. This created an internet stir among fans who thought this was a nod to the rumors regarding the whole show taking place in Rick’s coma-induced dream.

The Season 1 premiere showed him waking up in the post-zombie apocalypse, but fans were buzzing about the possibility of it all being in Rick’s mind.

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman laid that rumor to rest some time ago, saying it was not at all a dream, according to Uproxx in 2014. Some have wondered if this was a “time-jump” or “hop” considering his aged appearance.

Regardless, this was a nice finishing touch to the SDCC Season 8 trailer, but Robert did say that this portion of the trailer will be explained in the Season 8 premiere, according to Entertainment Weekly. Kirkman was at the Television Critics Association panel last Saturday and admitted that this particular piece of the Comic-Con clip was done purposely.

“That is an intriguing tidbit that we did throw out there on purpose, and we’re hoping that people continue to question how it is that fits into the story line and what it is. Comic book fans know where a scene that kind of looked like that would fall, but it also doesn’t seem like we would be getting to that just yet if you were a comic book fan, so there’s a mystery to that.”

This goes to show that even comic book fans found something similar in nature in the source material, it’s not quite the same thing. That said, it looks to be a mystery, be it the TWD TV show or the comics.


Kirkman then mentioned what audiences will be expecting when it comes to “old man Rick” in The Walking Dead’s Season 8 premiere come October 22.

“I’m pretty sure you’ll learn in the first episode what that means.”

Kirkman also explained with the “All Out War” storyline is more “action-packed” and “fast-paced” in Season 8. Since there is an obvious war about to occur per Negan’s words at the end of Season 7, it’ll be interesting to see how Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom will fare against the Saviors.

Considering the Walking Dead characters have now been cemented into place in the post-apocalyptic zombie society, it’s time to pick up momentum, and Kirkman is seeing to it that it comes to fruition.


There have been some slow-paced areas in quite a few episodes throughout the series, so it would be nice to get some intense back-to-back action-packed episodes.

AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 8 is set to premiere on October 22.

[Featured Image by Gene Page/AMC]