WWE Rumors & Spoilers: Latest ‘MITB’ Cash-In Odds For Carmella & Baron Corbin With Predictions

There are all sorts of WWE rumors and spoilers going around about SummerSlam, but will there be any cash-ins taking place to crown surprise champions? As of this report, the men’s and women’s Money in the Bank briefcases are still in play, as neither “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin nor “The Princess of Staten Island” Carmella have cashed in for a shot. However, fans are quite familiar with the fact of when cash-ins tend to happen. The latest betting odds could paint a picture as to when one or both of the briefcases will be cashed in and if they’ll result in a successful title victory.

On Sunday, the WWE Leaks website provided an update regarding the latest betting odds for MITB 2017 cash-ins. As far as the men’s briefcase goes, bettors seem to have recently started backing Baron Corbin to hand over his briefcase for a match on SmackDown Live or Raw. Current odds for that happening are at 11 to five, while the odds for Corbin cashing in during a pay-per-view, network special, or at any other event are three to 10. What’s interesting, though, is that there are also odds for when Corbin will cash in. Currently, the odds favor him doing that either during the SummerSlam PPV or “between the first day after WWE SummerSlam but before Survivor Series.”

WWE Women's MITB winner Carmella cash in at SummerSlam
Will WWE Women's MITB winner Carmella cash in at SummerSlam? [Image by WWE]

What about Carmella’s cash-in? It’s looking like bettors are backing the first-ever women’s briefcase to get cashed in during a pay-per-view or WWE Network special. It makes sense due to the “historic nature” of this being the first-ever cash-in for the women’s division. Bettors are also backing that Carmella will cash in during the next few weeks, with the “before SummerSlam” and “during SummerSlam” options at six to four, and three to four respectively. She also has heavy odds of one to 100 to make a successful cash-in versus 10 to one odds that she won’t cash in successfully.

No matter when Carmella cashes in her MITB briefcase, one has to think it’s going to coincide with the return of her lackey, James Ellsworth. He was suspended by SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan for 30 days to prevent him from interfering in any future matches for Carmella. That came after Ellsworth helped Carmella twice, as she had to win a second MITB ladder match on SmackDown Live to get her briefcase due to Ellsworth grabbing the briefcase for her at the pay-per-view. Don’t be surprised if Carmella cashes in on Naomi during or after her match against Natalya.

Baron Corbin men's 2017 MITB briefcase winner
When will Baron Corbin make his MITB cash-in: at SummerSlam or after? [Image by WWE]

As far as Baron Corbin goes, it’s tougher to peg what will go down with him. The feud with Shinsuke Nakamura makes it look like he’ll play a part in making sure Nakamura isn’t champion. Corbin also hasn’t had an extended feud with John Cena yet. It’s still unknown if it will be John Cena or Nakamura facing Jinder Mahal at WWE SummerSlam or both. It should be interesting where WWE goes with Corbin’s story in terms of cashing in successfully, but it would be surprising to see both Corbin and Carmella cash in at the same event. Possibly, the WWE saves Corbin’s cash-in for an interesting situation where he shows up at Raw. Keep in mind that John Cena is a “free agent,” which hasn’t meant too much yet, but he always could end up on Raw holding the title with Corbin lurking.

The WWE SummerSlam 2017 pay-per-view arrives on Sunday, August 20 from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. WWE fans, do you believe either Carmella or Baron Corbin or both will cash in during the pay-per-view or on an episode of a WWE show like Raw or SmackDown?

[Featured Image by WWE]