Police Officer Helps 4-Year-Old Girl Search New Home For Monsters [Video]

A home in Longmont, Colorado has no monsters, thanks to one police officer who conducted a thorough search. A 4-year-old girl asked the law enforcement officer for help when she thought her new house might have monsters. To the mother’s surprise, the officer agreed to help the child investigate, and the video is melting everyone’s hearts.

According to KDVR, Sidney Fahrenbruch was concerned her family’s new house was full of monsters. She told the news outlet that she heard noises when nobody was awake. Worried that the creatures might come out at night and hurt her family, she asked Longmont police officer David Bonday for assistance. She met him earlier in the month at a community event.

Megan Fahrenbruch, Sidney’s mother, said that Bonday agreed to help, even though he had never been on a monster hunt before. On Sunday, he arrived at the Fahrenbruch’s residence. Together, Bonday and the 4-year-old went searching for monsters. He let Sidney borrow his flashlight, and they scoured the house from top to bottom.

Megan recalled Sidney looking underneath the couch, but the police officer wanted to be sure there were not any monsters under the cushions. They also searched in the front yard. In the video, Bonday even gave Sidney a high-five.

Although the pair did not find any monsters, Officer David Bonday did give Sidney confidence.

“It’s just amazing the confidence he’s given her. We’re truly grateful to live in a town where the police officer will pay a kid any attention.”

Sidney hopes to be a police officer when she grows up. The 4-year-old has a uniform, and when it is in the wash, she wears t-shirts from police departments. She also visits the Longmont Police Department to thank officers for their service to the community. She brings them Halloween candy, pies during Thanksgiving, and delivers Christmas cookies.

Megan Fahrenburch said that Sidney calls Bonday her best friend and wants to grow up to be just like him.

People are grateful that David Bonday took the time to ease Sidney Fahrenbruch’s fears. It is a piece of good news that is welcomed when people mostly hear about unspeakable crimes, especially on social media.

[Featured Image by Paul Sakuma/AP Images]