Garth Brooks’ Daughter Gets Engaged In Surprise At Dad’s Concert [Video]

Garth Brooks’ daughter Allie got a big surprise at her dad’s concert recently. She was there for her 21st birthday, and Taste of Country revealed that her dad sang “Happy Birthday” to her from the stage, but after that was the shock when her now-fiance dropped to one knee to propose. This all went down at the Forum in Los Angeles on July 28.

It all started out with Garth Brooks talking about his daughter and saying it was a very special day for her. This was Allie’s 21st birthday. He said that she is a great songwriter, acoustic guitar player, and singer. Allie is the one of his three daughters that really seems to have an interest in singing. Garth already has two granddaughters that his other daughter had, and you never know when more will be coming.

After this, Garth started to sing to her, and the entire audience sang along. This was a great way to get “Happy Birthday” sang to her. Allie seemed happy about it all, and she was backstage when it went down. After that, Jonathan Roberts dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. Allie started to cry and said a very obvious “yes” to him. Her new fiance works as a physical education teacher in Tennessee.

Garth Brooks has made sure to have a lot of surprises at his concerts this year, but none of them were something he was close to like this one. There have been other engagements, and even gender reveals. It sounds like if you have something big planned to do then the Garth Brooks’ concert might be the place to do it. Garth seems to love helping out the fans with their big announcement as well.

Garth is almost done with this big tour but has hinted that it may go worldwide after this and the fans would love to see him tour all over. Garth has a huge fan base and doesn’t have any problem selling out concerts.

Are you happy to see that Garth Brooks’ daughter got engaged? Do you feel like she will end up being a singer one day? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Anna Webber/Getty Images]