‘Passenger Shaming’ Instagram Account Gets 515,000 Followers: Shawn Kathleen Shows Unruly Airline Passengers

As seen in photos from the Instagram account named “Passenger Shaming,” people can do some pretty wild things on airplanes. Created by Shawn Kathleen, the “Passenger Shaming” Instagram account has swelled to over 515,000 followers. The latest Instagram post shows that Kathleen was featured on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. The feature explained how smaller seating on airplanes, combined with the wider bodies of some travelers, has changed over the years, with Spirit Airlines containing some of the most cramped seats around.

Passenger Shaming posts photos on Instagram of what can happen when people get truly comfortable on airplanes, and decide to take off their shoes and socks — or other items of clothing. Lots of photos of shirtless men appear on the Instagram account. Some of the photos are so graphic that they have been altered in order to Photoshop a taco atop otherwise naked body parts. One photo shows a man who thinks he’s getting away with watching adult entertainment on a mobile device with headphones, but a reflection of the images on his screen is shown in the window of the airplane. Some are downright funny, like the below photo of a woman carrying a pig, along with a description that proclaims, “Pigs do fly!”

Overall, the Passenger Shaming Instagram account comes with the tagline warning people not to end up photographed and going viral on their account. The aim of the Passenger Shaming Instagram account seems to tell folks to have compassion and consideration for their fellow travelers.

There is also a “Passenger Shaming” YouTube account, which shows videos like the following, with a woman performing yoga moves while supine on a yoga mat at a gate at the airport.

The Instagram account is an obvious hit, with Rolling Stone having named Passenger Shaming one of the 100 Best Instagram Accounts, at least according to the Passenger Shaming Instagram account. A link to Rolling Stone naming it one of Instagram’s best could not be readily found. Nevertheless, the half-million Instagram folks following the Instagram account proves its popularity.

From discarded dirty diapers to lots of bare feet encroaching on personal passenger spaces, Passenger Shaming shows it all.

[Featured Image by Bill Sikes/AP Images]