‘Big Brother 19’ Recap: Spoilers From July 30 Episode Include Week 5 Nominations, Halting Hex Drama

This Big Brother 19 recap has spoilers from the July 30 episode that provided a lot of new information to CBS viewers. Paul Abrahamian is the Head of Household after winning the competition back on Thursday night, July 27. The focus of this particular episode was how he decided to nominate two people for eviction and who they ended up being this week. This Episode 16 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Sunday, July 30, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paul Abrahamian won the Head of Household competition right after Ramses Soto got evicted. Jessica Graf then blurted out that none of it mattered because she and Cody Nickson had safety for the week. It put her on the spot and allowed the entire BB19 house to know that she had a lot of power in her possession. It led to a lot of questions about what that safety actually was. As a reminder, America voted for Jessica to have a power that allows her to basically cancel an Eviction Ceremony.

The July 30 Big Brother 19 recap began with the events immediately following the Week 5 Head of Household Competition. Paul Abrahamian approached Jessica Graf to discuss her comments about the Halting Hex and she was very cagey in her answers. He was very unclear about how to move forward with the situation. Alex Ow echoed his concerns and doubts about what the power actually meant, especially since Jessica acquired it after Cody had been evicted. How could it then protect Cody?

Josh Martinez was shown picking up the pots and pans again while going around the BB19 house to annoy the three people who have continuously talked down to him this season (Mark Jansen, Cody Nickson, and Jessica Graf). The trio was not pleased with it, but it also put Josh in a bit of a bad light. For CBS viewers, this may have been a pretty amusing sequence, but not for fans of the trio of houseguests that had to deal with it.

The producers then pivoted to Cody going up to the HOH room to defend Mark and try to help him not be nominated. Elena Davies had a one-on-one with Paul shortly after that, where he told her what Cody had done and that Mark was bad for her personal game. There was a lot of additional drama during these sequences that didn’t make it into the July 30 episode, but is part of a report by the Inquisitr that provides a lot of Big Brother 19 spoilers.

This Big Brother 19 recap picked up after another commercial break, with the Temptation Competition getting presented to the BB19 cast. HOH Paul Abrahamian read off the rules as well as the possible rewards and consequences. The winner of the competition would gain safety for the week, while the last place finisher would end up as the third nominee on the block. Nobody was forced to compete, leaving it up to each cast member to decide for themselves how they should approach the Temptation Competition.

One by one, the houseguests went into the Den of Temptation and revealed whether they were going to take part in the challenge or not. The competitors were Jason Dent, Matt Clines, Alex Ow, and Mark Jansen. Everyone else opted to sit this one out. Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson decided they did not care about competing for safety. The challenge itself was one where the houseguests had to spin around (getting dizzy) and then bowl on a ramp until they had to go spin again. Fastest time to knock down all the pins would win.

Jason Dent went first and set the pace for everyone else to try to beat. It looked like he had a very difficult time with the dizziness. Alex Ow went second and had an easy time with the spinning, but couldn’t figure out a good method to the bowling aspect. A lot of people cheered her on though. She finished way faster than Jason. Mark Jansen went third, spinning slowly so he could bowl easier. It worked. Mark won the Temptation Competition and gained safety, while Jason was the slowest and was nominated for eviction from the BB19 house.

The drama kicked up a notch after the Temptation Competition, as one of Paul Abrahamian’s potential nominees (Mark Jansen) was now safe for the week. It was then time to zero in on his primary targets and call the bluff about the Halting Hex temptation. Paul met with most of the house, where the topic of using a pawn came up, but the group talked about how that was a bad idea. Paul moved away from that “risky proposition” and at the Week 5 Nomination Ceremony, Paul put Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson on the block.

That brings an end to the July 30 Big Brother 19 recap and closes out Episode 16 of the season. For fans who want to read more about what has happened over the past weekend, including who won the Power of Veto and further details about the Halting Hex, a report by the Inquisitr located here covers all those Big Brother 19 spoilers.

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