‘Game of Thrones’ Death Predictions: Characters Most Likely To Die

Game of Thrones is a hugely popular television show, now in Season 7 on HBO. The surprising fantasy drama has no qualms about killing off characters to further the plot, ever since Eddard Stark’s tragic beheading at the end of Season 1. The show begs the question, who will survive the Game of Thrones?

Everyone has a favorite character they hope will win the Iron Throne, and others characters that they hope will die trying. But some characters actually are more likely to die than others.

And it isn’t all conjecture! A scientist at the CEU Center for Network Science used artificial intelligence to develop a computer program that predicts which characters on Game of Thrones are most likely to die.

Much to the chagrin of fans, especially after last week’s episode, Theon’s probability of dying is only five percent.

Using literary analysis, actors’ interviews, and the AI scientist’s computer model, we can predict which characters are most likely to die. Here are the top predictions for which characters won’t survive the Game of Thrones:

Grey Worm

In last week’s Episode 2, Grey Worm and Missandei finally consummated their romance. They are two of Daenerys’s most loyal followers and their love-making came on the eve of Grey Worm heading off to battle.

Unfortunately, every love story in Game of Thrones so far has been typically tragic. For example: Jon Snow and Ygritte, Daenerys and Khal Drogo, Robb and Jeyne, Shae and Tyrion–every notable romance came at a great sacrifice. In the Game of Thrones universe, it seems that just when things are finally shaping up in the romance department, that’s usually when one of the coupled characters gets killed off.

This model even applies to characters who aren’t particularly happy in their relationship, like when Petyr threw Lysa out the Moon Door.

The pattern has many fans theorizing that Grey Worm will be next to die on Game of Thrones. Consummating his love with Missandei on the eve of battle is just one of those “too good to be true” moments Game of Thrones loves to take away from us.

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Euron Greyjoy

Even after his victories in last week’s episode, it’s pretty obvious that Euron Greyjoy won’t survive the battle for the Iron Throne. This prediction comes from an interview with Danish actor Pilou Asbæk, who plays Euron Greyjoy on the show. Speaking about his character, he said that Euron is likely to die.

“He knows his time is spare. He knows he’s going to die at one point. And if you ask me, it’s probably going to be spectacular. I hope so. But right now, he’s in for a ride.”

Euron Greyjoy has quickly become the primary villain in Season 7 for his ruthlessness, cunning, and violent battle tactics. He just destroyed Daenerys’s navy, killed the Sand Snakes, and took his sister Yara captive. Still, when talking about how much he enjoys playing Euron, actor Pilou dropped more hints that Euron won’t make it out of the series alive.

“I’m completely free in Euron. I don’t feel any restrictions. With Euron, it’s like ‘Let’s do more crazy eyes, more manic, more violent, and fierce.’ Until the day that Dan and David kill me.”

Euron’s death looks to be more of a “when” than an “if.”


Played by the beloved Lena Headey, the much-hated queen Cersei Lannister currently sits the Iron Throne. But will she keep it?

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Predictions of Cersei’s death comes mostly from an understanding of the story. At this point, Arya is heading to King’s Landing to kill her. It’s worth noting that everyone on Arya’s “list” is already dead. Arya planned to kill everyone on the list, and although she didn’t get her hands on everybody, they did all die. Everyone, except Cersei.

Keeping with the continuity of the story, it seems likely that Cersei–as her children, her father, and every other mad king or queen who sat the Iron Throne–will die.


Daenerys is one of the more interesting characters on Game of Thrones, not the least because of her ability to divide fans. Fans aren’t even in agreement on if she’s a hero or a villain.

Therefore, it’s difficult to predict anything about her. If she were the clear hero of the series, it seems unlikely that she would be killed off–and she’s survived so far. But if she’s really a villain painted in a sympathetic light, her demise might be inevitable.

At this point in the story, Daenerys has finally made it to Westeros with the intention of conquering the lands of her ancestors. But will the series end with Daenerys on the Iron Throne?

Not according to the computer model–which predicts the chance of Daenerys’s death at 91 percent.

Of course, even if Daenerys dies, there’s always the chance that she might get revived–like what happened with Beric Dondarrion, The Mountain, Lady Stoneheart, and Jon Snow. There are also plenty of characters we though were dead, but turned to be fine–like Tyrion Lannister, Sandor Clegane, and Arya Stark. Since the Red Witch Mellisandre recently showed up at Dragonstone, Daenerys’s 91% chance of death might not be that final after all.

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