Pokemon GO Festival Ends In Disaster. Niantic To Face Lawsuit For Not Delivering On Promises

Pokemon GO recently held an event at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. The Pokemon GO Fest, as it was called, was not free of hassles. The intentions behind holding this festival was for Niantic to provide attendees a legendary opportunity to capture legendary Pokemon in the first real-world Pokemon event. The only problem that the company perhaps overlooked was the possible congestion in the event.

It is reported that queues were so long that there were those who had to wait hours after the event had already started. Many people had traveled from other states just to attend the event. For them, the experience was rather unpleasant. The unpleasantness did not stop there though. During the event, players began experiencing technical problems. For instance, it became increasingly difficult for players to connect and their characters were not able to challenge any of the Pokemon that appeared.

According to Jian Hanke, CEO of Niantic, “technical problems in the gaming software caused customer failures and interfered with the gameplay of some users.” However, he added the problem with the gameplay was solved after the server’s configuration were changed and subsequent failures were resolved for most users, but not all of them. He also added, that another problem appeared due to over saturation of mobile data networks of some network providers.

Californian Jonathan Norton who, after traveling to Chicago and participating in the disastrous Pokemon event, decided to file a lawsuit against Niantic seeking reimbursement of the costs of his displacement. He contacted the Chicago lawyer, Thomas Zimmerman, and began the legal process. Jonathan’s suit against Niantic then attracted between 20 to 30 additional people who attended the event. According to Zimmerman, his client paid to fly to Chicago and participate in the festival where he had to wait for several hours in a queue like most people before getting in.

Furthermore, when Jonathan Norton managed to enter the enclosure he was unpleasantly surprised that the game was not working and apparently, he was not the only one to experience this problem. The rare and legendary Pokemon which Niantic promised will be easy to find and catch were rather very difficult for players to obtain. Norton’s lawyer says that this goes against the announcement Niantic made prior to holding the event. The company promised its attendees that it will easy to find the legendary Pokemon. Niantic did not hesitate much to uncover its goodwill and understanding the gravity of the situation, offered refunds of entry tickets, each valued at $100. On the other hand, Zimmerman defends its clients saying that these amounts will not suffice considering that many people had traveled from different parts of the world just to take part in the event and that the lawsuit against Niantic is simply because the company did not deliver what it promised.

[Featured image by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]