Jenelle Evans Says She’s Ready To Get Her Tubes Tied, ‘When I Have Time’

Despite rumors that Jenelle Evans is pregnant with baby number four, the Teen Mom 2 star opened up about the fact that she is done having kids with Us Weekly. In order to quell the rumors that she is expecting her fourth baby, the Teen Mom 2 star took a pregnancy test live on air during an interview with the media outlet, Wetpaint.

Although many fans don’t believe Jenelle Evans isn’t actually pregnant (they say she could be using a fake test since she didn’t actually use the bathroom on camera), Jenelle insists there is no bun in her oven.

She also told Us Weekly that she’s 75 percent sure she’s ready to get her tubes tied, because the “shop is closed for business.” The reality TV star has been criticized in the past for getting pregnant with almost every man she’s been with, and has even been documented on Teen Mom 2 getting an abortion.

Fans are still critical of Jenelle Evans’ claim that she isn’t pregnant, especially since she maintained she wasn’t pregnant with Ensley for months into the pregnancy. The star, however, says she is focusing on her upcoming wedding, which will be a “rustic Southern theme” and will take place on the land she and fiance, David Eason, recently purchased.

Jenelle Evans has opened up a lot about her life in her new memoir, Read Between the Lines. The star has not only discussed the abandonment she suffered after her father up and left her and her mother and siblings, but also the strained relationship she shares with her older brother and sister. She has made it clear that none of her family is invited to her wedding, which many fans feel she will regret in due time.

The reality TV star has also opened up about her heroin use, saying that she decided to quit the drug cold turkey. Although her mother, Barbara, isn’t invited to the wedding, she did step up to the plate to help Jenelle detox from all of the drugs she was taking in a safe manner. Jenelle describes it as “having the worst flu of her life.”

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]