'OutDaughtered' Adam Busby Cheating? 'Our Marriage Is Rock Solid'

Nics Abasta

After admitting that he is suffering from paternal postpartum depression, OutDaughtered star Adam Busby has been accused on social media of having an affair. Adam responds to accusations.

Viewers have noticed that Adam seems to be not his usual self. One pointed out that he fails to come home on time, even for a special occasion like Valentine's Day, and that he seems distant. These led to assumptions that he might be cheating on his wife. In last week's episode of OutDaughtered, his wife Danielle Busby also noticed that something is amiss with her husband after the doctor's appointment of one of their daughters, Hazel. Danielle asked him about it, but he avoided the conversation. He opened up about anxiety and depression later in the episode.

Many showered him praises for speaking up and showing his vulnerability. However, there are a few who voiced out their assumptions that Adam might be cheating on his wife. One Twitter user posted, "The husband on [OutDaughtered] will eventually leave, y'all can pay me later." Adam responded that their marriage is rock solid, and no one should doubt that no matter what they see on the OutDaughtered show. Some fans also defended him, telling the critics that he works hard because he needs to support his family of eight. Adam has actually been vocal about his concerns about their finances and the pressure of providing for their six daughters, per TVRuckus.

As for Danielle, she said she is supporting her husband 100 percent as he goes through this depression. She wrote on Instagram that she is proud of Adam for admitting that something is wrong, adding that it is okay not to be okay. She promised she would always be by his side. "100 percent and on his side and will be there with him as he goes through this and is it going to be pretty? No, but it's just life," Danielle said.

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