‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kelly Monaco Teases Twin-Jason Plot On Twitter?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that the highly-anticipated “twin Jason” plot is in the works despite recent reports suggesting that Steven Burton would be introduced as an entirely new character.

Following reports that Steve Burton has signed a long-term contract to return to the ABC soap opera, and official confirmation that Billy Miller’s contract has been renewed, fans have been speculating about how the roles of both actors will complement.

Billy Miller, who currently plays Jason Morgan, is expected to continue playing the role under his renewed contract. However, the role of Steve Burton, who had portrayed the character before his exit in 2014, remains a subject of speculation and rumors.

Kelly Monaco, who portrays Samantha “Sam” Morgan, Jason Morgan’s wife, recently rekindled social media buzz that Burton is returning to GH as the “real Jason.” She took to Twitter with a cryptic message that many fans interpreted as spoiler information that Burton’s return will introduce a “twin Jason” to the plot.

Monaco’s Twitter post included an enigmatic photo of her piggybacking on a man who holds up a bloodied arm and two fingers in the V-sign.

The photo is captioned “deuces.” This could mean that the two fingers held up were meant to sign “twos” or “twins.”


Fans who scrutinized the photo noted that the man is wearing a white T-shirt and a wedding ring, and that he bears strong resemblance to Billy Miller’s Jason Morgan.

The Twitter post sparked fierce debate among fans whether it could be taken as a confirmation of the widely-rumored and highly-anticipated twin-Jason plot where Burton returns as the “real Jason.”

However, the apparent hint that Burton could be returning as a “twin Jason” contradicts recent speculation that Burton is returning to play an entirely new character.

Speculation that Burton is playing a new character was sparked after an alleged leaked script surfaced on social media. The script contained a cast list for an upcoming episode which includes at the bottom a character named Doctor Andy. The character is new and previously unknown.

Fans suggested that Doctor Andy could be Burton’s character. And while some fans understood the alleged evidence that Burton will return as Doctor Andy to mean that he will not return to his old role as Jason Morgan, the prevalent GH buzz is that he will be introduced as Doctor Andy, but the character will later turn out to be the “real Jason,” and Miller’s character an impostor.


The theory that Doctor Andy is the “real Jason” is popular among fans because many are unable to believe that GH would bring Burton back as an entirely new character while ignoring his past role as Jason Morgan.

It seems unlikely that GH will ignore fans clamoring for the return of the beloved mobster.

However, when some fans pointed out quickly that Burton’s Jason was not trained as a medical doctor, others suggested that he might have attended medical school during the years of his absence from Port Charles. Burton’s Jason had wanted to go to medical school before other incidents in his life led him to become “Stone Cold,” the notorious mobster and assassin.


Regardless, fans will have to wait for the details of the plot when GH introduces Burton to the storyline. If Doctor Andy is the “real Jason,” as some fans believe, then there are several possible scenarios. He could have suffered amnesia and thus genuinely believe that he is Dr. Andy. Others suggested that Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) could help to expose Miller’s character as an impostor.

Sam (Kelly Monaco), who is going through a major health crisis, could end up under Andy’s care. If she recognizes him as the “real Jason,” others would likely ignore her since she has been suffering hallucinations lately. Even if she recovers sufficiently to reflect on her belief that Andy is Jason, she could doubt her own judgment and fear that she is still hallucinating.

General Hospital spoilers also indicate that DNA tests will reveal that Scout Morgan (Lori and Sevan Andonian), Sam’s son, does not share the same DNA with Danny (T.K. WEaver). This could mean that the boys have different fathers and that Burton’s Jason is Danny’s father while Miller’s Jason is Scout’s father.

Some fans speculate that the evil Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) might have planted Miller’s character as a Jason impostor.

“That one there now [Miller’s Jason) will be a clone that was made by Cassasdine [and] not the real one, and Sam will be nutty for a while, [with the new Jason] messing with her head,” a fan speculated.

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