Universal’s Volcano Bay Removes 28 Unique Food Items From Menus, Replaces Them With Four Common Choices

Ever since the Volcano Bay water park opened at the Universal Studios Resort in Orlando in mid-May, there have been all the normal issues that come with a brand new opening. Well, as guests deal with the heat, long lines, and some attraction breakdowns, they’re now going to have to contend with a lot fewer food options as well. Volcano Bay has gone through their restaurant menus and removed 28 unique food items and replaced them with four common, everyday options.

While the exact reason for the switch is not yet known, it has already been confirmed that close to 30 food items have already been taken off of Volcano Bay menus. The water park was not only known for its great slides, attractions, and interesting line system, but also for its food, which set it apart from sister theme parks Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

According to Orlando Informer, the items that were removed from the different menus were all unique dishes, which helped keep the overall theme of Volcano Bay in place. Now, the restaurants are serving more regular theme park food such as hamburgers, nachos, and hot dogs.

In some instances, the names of the restaurants have been hurt by the removal of the food items.

A place that used to serve tacos and other unique dishes will now serve common theme park food. The Feasting Frog lost Carne Asada Tacos, Poke Poke Bowl, Chipotle Firecracker Shrimp Tacos, Pulled Chicken Mole Taco, and a couple of sides.

All they received in return were foot long hot dogs, chips, loaded nachos, and foot long corn dogs.

Another restaurant by the name of Bambu has also had its menu changed at Volcano Bay.

When looking at the replacement options at Volcano Bay, they mostly consist of loaded nachos, hot dogs, corn dogs, and a bacon cheeseburger. While many of the unique dishes and menu options were replaced, a lot of the salads, wraps, and healthier food options were left in place and are still available for purchase as of this time.

The Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club may have been hit the hardest by all these menu changes at Volcano Bay. 12 items were removed from its menu and those include Hawaiian Ribs, a chicken and ribs platter, Hawaiian Longboard Pizza, and a variety of unique burgers.

The only replacement option given was a Bacon Cheeseburger, but at least it is on a Hawaiian-style bun.

Volcano Bay has been plagued by many of the normal problems that will come with opening a new theme park and WFLA even reported that the lines and wait times were huge issues. Still, all of these changes to the different menus aren’t just sudden, but they’re extremely drastic and rather out of nowhere. Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure are thriving, and they want Volcano Bay to do the same, but they have to hope moves such as these food changes will not make things worse.

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