Abby Lee Miller Is Reportedly ‘A Mess’ In Prison

Abby Lee Miller may have only been in prison for a couple of weeks for bankruptcy fraud, but sources who have been on the inside with her are saying that she’s not adjusting well to the environment. Supposedly, the star has already gotten into a screaming match with another inmate, and the inmate told Abby Lee Miller, “You ain’t s**t!”

The star is evidently not being treated well by the staff, as they are not fans of white collar criminals and are already biased against her. Abby Lee Miller has already complained that they shine lights in her face and are rude to her.

Although there are some starstruck inmates, most of them are rallying against to the former reality star. People who have seen the show Dance Moms are not impressed by Abby Lee Miller’s attitude on the show and have been hoping she gets knocked down a peg in prison.

It has previously been reported that she was cleaning toilets in prison. However, sources say she is also cleaning showers and the entire bathroom stalls while she waits for her regular assignment.

While most of the people in prison are not fans of Abby Lee Miller, she does have some people who are interested in her teaching a dance class, and reportedly a lot of people would attend.

According to the insider, Abby Lee Miller sticks to herself most of the time and spends most of her days on her bunk reading romance novels when she isn’t cleaning the prison. Reportedly, the star is earning 12 cents an hour for her job.

The star recently appeared on a tell-all special for Lifetime where she discussed her fears for going into prison. She reported being scared of being jumped in prison or some other equally horrendous thing happening to her. According to Abby Lee Miller, if someone wants to kill you in prison, nothing is going to stop you, and that’s what scares her the most.

She also detailed that she is scared of her business failing while she is behind bars, and that she won’t be able to live the same life she did before.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]