‘Terminator’ Come To Life? – Facebook Shuts Down Artificial Intelligence After It Developed Its Own Language

Danny Cox - Author

Jul. 29 2017, Updated 9:30 a.m. ET

Technology is always advancing in today’s world and many feel that the human race will always be ahead of it, but there is the possibility that it may even overtake us. There have been numerous movies about computer systems being able to outsmart their human creators and The Terminator franchise is probably the most well-known, but what if it was real? That is what Facebook had to deal with after having to shut down an artificial intelligence (AI) after it developed its own language.

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In a bit of an interesting, and somewhat frightening, story, Facebook recently had to shut down an artificial intelligence system they were working on because it got out of hand. It isn’t that the work start to become too much or that it was too hard, but Digital Journal revealed that the AI actually stopped using English and began using its own language that it created.

While it isn’t the first time this has happened, it was concerning enough for the developers that they needed to cease working on it.

According to Fast Co. Design, the new AI from Facebook created a language that may have come across as nonsense and gibberish to humans, but the computer understood it. Not only was it able to understand its own new language, but it used it to communicate with other artificial intelligence systems to complete the tasks assigned to them.


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