WWE News: CM Punk Appears On Advertisement For ‘SmackDown Live’ – Was A Big Return Spoiled By Hulu?

For years now, many have wondered if CM Punk would give up his career in UFC and return to WWE, but did Hulu end up spoiling that big comeback? Earlier this week, a number of wrestling fans happened to notice something very strange while looking through the XBox Live store and it had to do with the Straight-Edge Superstar. As a matter of fact, they found an advertisement promoting him appearing on SmackDown Live, but he never showed up, so, what gives?

In January of 2014, CM Punk and WWE parted ways in a separation that wasn’t the greatest and appeared to have bridges that are forever burned. Still, his lack of success in UFC has had many wondering if he could head back to the squared circle and out of the octagon.

All the time, fans are looking for signs that the former WWE World Champion is going back, and they almost had one this week.

As reported by SE Scoops, fans looking through the XBox Live store happened upon a graphic for SmackDown Live on Hulu this past Tuesday night. It was a simple advertisement for that evening’s episode, but the graphic was rather strange as it showed none other than CM Punk.

Yes, that is indeed CM Punk appearing in a promotional advertisement for this past week’s SmackDown Live, but the show has come and gone with no appearance by him. If he would have made his WWE return, it would have been the best-kept secret in wrestling history, but again, it didn’t happen.

IW Nerd learned that a Twitter user actually reached out to Hulu because it is rather odd that they would use a graphic with a wrestler who hasn’t been with the company for three years. While the answer wasn’t overly informative, it did explain their side of it.

So, Hulu simply put up the information and the graphic they were provided from WWE, but they didn’t really know who was who. Now, the interesting thing here is that if Hulu Support is to believed, that means someone from WWE sent them artwork with CM Punk on it?

Who would do that and why?

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[Image by WWE]

CM Punk and WWE have been separated for three years and he is looking to have his second career fight in UFC, but no-one quite knows when that will happen. As long as he’s in the octagon or anywhere but inside a WWE ring, wrestling fans are going to wonder when he’s going to return. While Hulu may have had an advertisement showing CM Punk appearing on SmackDown Live, it was nothing more than an incorrect graphic and something that simply isn’t happening.

At least, it isn’t happening now.

[Featured Image by WWE]