Mia Khalifa Is The Only Person Who Hates ‘Dunkirk’

Mia Khalifa is in the middle of a career shift. Last summer, she announced that she left the adult entertainment industry behind. Mia Khalifa became a sports commentator. She became a social media star and resident Twitter troll. She even tried her hand at cooking. Now, she’s a movie critic.

Dunkirk has received rave reviews. Christopher Nolan’s film was praised for its perfect casting and captivating storytelling. Mia Khalifa is not into the movie. She shared her opinion on her notorious Twitter account. Everyone knows that she doesn’t hold back on the social media app.

She’s known for trolling athletes and celebrities. She has since turned her eye to movies, and Mia Khalifa didn’t hold back on her feelings about the critically acclaimed film, Dunkirk.

“I love Chris Nolan more than I love my dogs, but Dunkirk sucked more dick than I did in 2014,” she tweeted.

Dunkirk is the latest film from director Christopher Nolan, who is the same man behind The Dark Night Rises. It highlights the Allied soldiers from the North of France during World War II. Dunkirk received a whopping 92 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It has rave reviews from various media outlets and movie critics. It’s been praised for its beautiful cinematography, subtle acting, and choreographed violence.

Mia Khalifa is one of the many who saw the film. She took to YouTube to review the movie. Does this mean she’s a movie critic now? She gave the movie a 7 out of 10. But, she also had some strong criticism for the movie. Khalifa said that she couldn’t keep up with it due to its fragmented and nonlinear storytelling, according to Maxim.

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“I didn’t know if this whole thing lasted 23 hours or if the rescue mission took like two and a half months,” Khalifa said. “You never knew what time of day it is was, what the f***ing temperature was … I’m like, ‘What the f*** is going on?'”

“It was raining in half the scenes and like sunny as s*** as the rest. I was so confused about that. Like, were they on different parts of the country? Did this end World War II, or was this like… a random battle? You could not tell. There was no context.”

Mia Khalifa’s fans suggested that she should do her research. Some said that she should do some reading, or Google searching, on World War II. Khalifa did have praise for the artistic direction. She also was surprised by Harry Styles’ acting.

“It looked like the entire film was in the filter Nashville,” Khalifa continued. “And Harry Styles was in it? He wasn’t bad… That was pretty impressive; he had the most dialogue.”

Khalifa suggested that her followers should see the film despite her review. She said that it was a typical “Chris Nolan movie.” Though she gave it an okay review, the internet was still not happy. They took to Twitter to exclaim that she shouldn’t review mainstream films and that she should brush up on world history. Others suggested that Khalifa should stick to the things she knows best, like sex and sports, according to the India Times.