WWE News: The Rock Finally Reveals Why He Oversells The Stone Cold Stunner

The Rock, more famously known now as Dwayne Johnson, and Stone Cold Steve Austin are two of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. Their rivalry helped the WWE become the biggest wrestling company in the world in the late 1990s and early 2000s. One of the highlights of their legendary rivalry is the way The Rock will oversell the Stone Cold Stunner, Steve Austin’s finishing move.

For those people who do not know what oversell means, it is a wrestler showing too much of a reaction to his opponent’s offensive maneuver. One of the most famous overselling in WWE history is the way The Rock tumbles around the ring after receiving the Stone Cold Stunner. It was funny at times but it also made the Stone Cold Stunner look like a dangerous move.

The Stone Cold Stunner is one of the greatest moves in wrestling history because of how Steve Austin’s opponents will sell the move. The Rock was a legend in taking the move comically while other superstars such as Vince McMahon and Scott Hall sold the move perfectly.

In a recent episode of the Handsome Rambler podcast (h/t CBS Sports), hosts Hannibal Buress and Tony Trimm talked about how The Rock sold the Stone Cold Stunner from Steve Austin during their rivalry in the “Attitude Era” that helped the WWE dethrone WCW and win the Monday Night Wars.

The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin are two of the biggest WWE superstars of all time.
The Rock stares down Stone Cold Steve Austin at 'WrestleMania 19.' [Image by WWE]

The Rock, who is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood today, apparently heard or watched Buress and Timm talk about his overselling. The former WWE champion finally revealed on Twitter the reason why he did it and it’s not what most people are thinking.

Dwayne Johnson noted that he used to bet Stone Cold Steve Austin cases of beer before a match regarding how crazy or ridiculous he can sell the Stunner. There you go folks, The Rock oversold the Stone Cold Stunner for a case of the beers, something Steve Austin really loves.


It’s a new backstage story for many wrestling fans that will give them a lot of nostalgia. The WWE stories back in the day almost always involved beer including stories about Andre The Giant and many more superstars. Stone Cold Steve Austin is one them and he even has his own beer called the “Broken Skull IPA.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin loves beer.
Stone Cold Steve Austin poses with his favorite beer during an episode of 'Monday Night Raw.' [Image by WWE]

Despite the friendly bets between The Rock and Steve Austin back then, they were also fierce rivals as revealed by former producer and creative team member Bruce Pritchard. In an interview with The Sun Sport (h/t New York Post), Pritchard noted that there was a friendly competition between two of the biggest WWE superstars of all time.

“They were competitive. Here’s Austin, your top dog, and you’ve got a young kid nipping at his heels. Man, they’re going to be competitive. I always used to say, somebody was getting over whoever the top dog was.”

The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin are two of the biggest WWE superstars of all time. Any stories involving them will attract a lot of fans and it is going to help the WWE get talked about more and appeal more to their fans.

[Featured Image by WWE]