NBA Trade Rumors: Six Teams Reportedly Make Offers For The Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving has made it known that he no longer wants to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. NBA trade rumors regarding Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers have circulated ever since his desires for a trade (courtesy of ESPN) became public knowledge.

Kyrie Irving is the latest NBA star who has expressed disharmony with his current team. If the Cleveland Cavaliers decides to deal Irving, he will be the next in a line of star players to switch teams during the offseason.

Thus far, Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, and Paul George have all been traded. Each of them is considered to be amongst the top 20 players in the NBA. Kyrie Irving is hoping that he is the next player on the list to have a new NBA home.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, as many as 20 teams have expressed their interest in Kyrie Irving. In an effort to land Irving, six teams have submitted trade offers to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Among the teams who are trying to deal for Kyrie Irving are the San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, New York Knicks, Los Angeles Clippers, Phoenix Suns, and Minnesota Timberwolves.

Additional NBA teams could become involved in trade discussions with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers are expected to take their time sorting out the offers they receive for Irving, before making a determination about whether or not they will consummate a trade.

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James keep the basketball away from Stephen Curry.
Kyrie Irving could land with a new NBA team before training camp. [Image by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]

If the Cleveland Cavaliers receive a trade offer they deem credible for Kyrie Irving, the NBA all-star could be playing somewhere else next season. As of now, no NBA teams have come away as the favorites to acquire Irving from the Cavaliers. It is widely assumed that the Cavaliers would want a lot in return for him.

The Knicks have likely offered the Cavaliers Carmelo Anthony and draft picks for Kyrie Irving. New York is one of Irving’s preferred destinations, according to CBS New York.

The lure of playing at Madison Square Garden, which is not far from his home in Northern New Jersey has fueled Kyrie Irivng. If the Knicks had additional assets that they were willing to part with a deal could be made.


Carmelo Anthony has a no-trade clause and has expressed his desire (courtesy of SB Nation) to play for the Houston Rockets. That likely means a trade between the Cavaliers and Knicks for Kyrie Irving will not happen.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are another team that Kyrie Irving wants to play for. There are two reasons why Irving can see himself with the Timberwolves — Tom Thibodeau and Jimmy Butler. Playing with Karl-Anthony Towns is also a strong selling point for Irving.

Any deals involving the Cavaliers and Timberwolves for Kyrie Irving would likely include Andrew Wiggins and draft picks. Power forward Gorgui Dieng could also be inserted in any trade discussions.

As for the San Antonio Spurs, they have LaMarcus Aldridge and young players they can offer the Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving. Aldridge may be dangled to make a trade happen. While he has not been an ideal fit with the Spurs, Aldridge could be reborn in Cleveland.


The Heat and Suns have young players who are either on the cusp or nearing it to entice the Cavaliers to trade them Kyrie Irving. Both might be considered as long shots at the moment to get Irving, as neither of the players they would send to the Cavaliers would propel them over the Golden State Warriors.

The same can be said about the Los Angeles Clippers, unless they are willing to part with DeAndre Jordan. Jordan for Irving in a player for player swap works well for both teams.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are expecting more offers to come for Kyrie Irving in the near future. Six teams have submitted offers for Irving thus far. However, neither team is the front runner to land Irving. If the Cavaliers receive an offer they consider as a strong one Kyrie Irving could be dealt before the start of NBA training camp.

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