‘BB19’: Nomination Ceremony Results, Paul Rattles ‘Jody,’ Cody & Paul Almost Fight, And Chaos Erupts

BB19 live feed updates reveal that Week 5 nomination ceremony created chaos in the Big Brother house. Paul Abrahamian won the head of household competition last night, and he nominated Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf for eviction. Jason lost the Temptation competition, which means he will sit on the block as a third nominee.

According to Online Big Brother, Paul explained that the reason he put “Jody” on the block was to flush her Halting Hex temptation. Of course, Jessica wasn’t happy with that and told him that “he messed up putting her on the block.”

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that when Paul pressed Jessica to find out more about her protection, she shut down. She refused to say any more information. Paul tried to explain why he put them on the block, adding that if they are really safe, it won’t matter. Jessica told Paul that his HOH means nothing because he put her on the block. Cody lost it when Paul told Jessica to lower her voice.

Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that Cody didn’t like that and told Paul not to tell Jessica to be quiet. Paul and Cody nearly came to blows, but Paul refused to engage with him. BB19 spoilers state that the whole ordeal made Jessica mad — she couldn’t believe Cody wanted to punch Paul for telling her to be quiet.

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Paul sent Cody and Jessica out of the room. Before going Cody and Paul verbally sparred which only upset Jessica more.

Paul went to the kitchen and found Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez in a heated exchange. Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that Josh tried to antagonize Mark and bait him in a confrontation. Josh decided to grab the pots and pans and bang them in Mark’s face. Big Brother 19 stated that Mark asked Josh to get the pots out of his face, but Josh refused. Mark grabbed the pan, and the live feeds cut. When they return, Josh told Paul that they said he couldn’t bang the pots and pans because it is antagonizing Mark. In other words, BB19 production was worried that Mark would attack him if he continued.

When the live feeds returned, Mark was angry that Elena Davies didn’t come to his defense. He told Cody that he was “done” with her.

It looks like Big Brother 19 viewers are in for an action-packed week. Cody and Mark are almost to their breaking point, and there’s no telling how they will manage the stress of the BB19 the rest of the week.

Do you think Jessica will use the Halting Hex temptation to save herself this week? Do you think Mark should have been punished for nearly punching Josh? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

Big Brother 19 airs Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday on CBS.

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