Selena Gomez Explains ‘Weird Sh*t’ She Does That Inspired ‘Fetish’ Music Video

Selena Gomez explained the “weird sh*t” that she does and “insecurities” she has that inspired her beautiful, yet bizarrely disturbing music video for her new song, “Fetish.”

Selena Gomez opened up about the motivations she had behind the making of her latest music video for her new song, “Fetish.”

The 24-year-old singer hand-picked director, Petra Collins, for “Fetish,” because she was inspired by the photos on her Instagram.

The “Fetish” music video definitely has a more sexy, peculiar vibe to it than any of Gomez’s other songs throughout her 10-year singing career. The former Disney star is seen eating soap, glass, and writhing around on the floor in a wet dress.

The singer spoke with Dazed magazine about her latest project along with the music video’s director Petra Collins.

Selena said that she was aiming for a more twisted image that was inspired by the fact that she had “a lot of insecurities” and did “weird sh*t” all the time. The “Bad Liar” songstress said that when she was younger, she felt that she had “something inside of [her] that hadn’t been accessed.”

She described feeling like she hadn’t had the “confidence” to do “something like this” in the past.

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Gomez mentioned that her favorite scene in the video was in the kitchen where she ate soap, lipstick, and glass.

The “Fetish” scene was “liberating” for the singer because she felt she was able to “lose control” of her body and really “lose sight” of herself.

“I love that. It felt so good.”

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Selena said she would never have “done something similar to the kitchen scene in real life,” but that she definitely did “weird sh*t all the time” when she was home alone.