‘Family Guy’ Season 16 Preview Gets Mixed Response

Family Guy used to be the animated show to watch. However, many have accused creator Seth MacFarlane of getting desperate for viewers during the past couple of seasons. The calls for Family Guy to be canceled have been going on since 2013. WhatCulture was one of the sites that criticized the show.

“But, having been running for almost a decade since its initial cancellation, is it time to call it quits for real? Has the show lost its edge and – most importantly – its humor, and does MacFarlane even care anymore?”

The article gives reasons why Family Guy should be canceled, including the much-heard criticism that the jokes stopped being original and the belief that Seth MacFarlane seems to be just phoning things in. Since 2013, the show has relied on shocking stunts that have upset even longtime Family Guy fans.

This past weekend, a trailer for the 16th season of Family Guy debuted. Needless to say, it’s quite eye catching. In the preview clip, we see Meg and Chris brutally attacking the entire school after some social justice warrior kids tried to get them taken out of the school canteen after Brian wrote an insensitive tweet. There are other Family Guy preview clips, including one of Peter looping on a roller coaster while eating his own vomit, a man pretending to be a waiter while trying to “go down” on Peter, and a clip including the late Adam West.

Needless to say, the clip inspired some mixed responses in the comments section after the YouTube preview video.

“I want it to end soon. most of the current episodes aren’t good. and future ones will be terrible, I just want it to end while it’s alright,” claimed YouTube commenter ScoffSlaphead72.

'Family Guy' has Mila Kunis as star
Mila Kunis plays the controversial character "Meg." [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

“The show just gets more desperate each season. It’s really time to pull the plug,” said MarioLoverforu.

However, there were also some commenters who thought the clips were funny. A lot of them seemed to like that the show was really taking on SJW culture. Others thought that based on the clips, there would certainly be a Season 17 on the way as well.

The response on Twitter has been mixed as well.

'Family Guy' creator Seth MacFarlane
Some think creator Seth MacFarlane just doesn't care about the show anymore. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, according to Entertainment Weekly, the late Adam West will appear in five more episodes.

“Adam West may have died earlier this month, but his legacy — and tenure — as Mayor of Quahog will live on during the next season of Family Guy,” says columnist Dan Snierson, who adds that West, the Batman star of the 1960s, has played a recurring role as Mayor Adam West in Family Guy.

In the same article, Family Guy executive producer Steve Callaghan says West’s death came as a complete shock, even though the star was in his late 80s.

“But, the thing about Adam West is that every time he would come to record, he was just vital and healthy and had so much energy and happiness — no one that you would ever thing wouldn’t be with you much longer.”

Callaghan says the recording sessions with Adam West were enjoyable and went beyond work; they would always catch up on their personal lives. West was so versatile that Callaghan was able to give him a variety of lines.

Season 16 of Family Guy will premiere on Sunday, September 25. Although the show’s acclaim has decreased, one can bet that Season 16 certainly won’t be the last.

[Featured Image by Steven Senne/AP Images]