Reason Why John Cena Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Is Being Pushed Up To ‘SmackDown Live’

On the previous episode of SmackDown Live, it was announced that John Cena will be competing against Shinsuke Nakamura this coming Tuesday to determine who the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship will be. For the past few months, Mahal has been feuding with Randy Orton.

Initially, Mahal shocked the wrestling world by defeating Orton for the title, despite a below-average win-loss record. Mahal would spend the next few months defeating Orton in various matches, including a Punjabi Prison match at Battleground with the help of The Great Khali. On SmackDown Live, Mahal made it known that he has moved on and was calling out a challenger for SummerSlam.

All of a sudden, out comes John Cena, making it known that he wanted to compete against Mahal and win his 17th world championship after defeating Rusev in a Flag Match two days prior. In addition, Shinsuke Namakura was able to defeat his arch rival, Baron Corbin on SmackDown Live. With this win, he also became a top contender for the championship.

Although many believe that Cena will defeat Nakamura, it does bring a proverbial dream match feel to the blue brand. Unfortunately, for Nakamura, it further hurts his stock, which has not been rising very much due to his booking from WWE Creative.

Apparently, there is a reason why WWE is pushing this “dream match” up to simply a SmackDown Live show. Based on a report, the reason why this is happening is due to John Cena moving to Raw in the fall. As a result, since this match will not happen on television while they are on separate brands, WWE has decided to build suspense to the bout occurring on this coming Tuesday.

For Cena, even he has admitted that his “days are numbered,” so it would make sense for him to compete against names who he desires to face before retiring. Nakamura, obviously, is an ideal choice for many to compete against, which is why Cena is making sure that it happens before he defects to Raw and decides to end his career in the ring.

Even for those who despise Cena, his match against Nakamura is certainly highly anticipated.

[Featured Image by WWE]