Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: Houston? Maybe Oklahoma?

This 2017 NBA offseason has been and continues to be one of the most entertaining and drama filled offseasons in recent years. From the draft to the Paul George trade, to the drama of Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers, there’s no shortage of stories and rumors to talk and write about. One of the biggest of the summer is the building story of Carmelo Anthony, the New York Knicks, and whether he will waive his no-trade clause for a team other than the Houston Rockets.

Carmelo Anthony made sure to include a very serious stipulation in his contract: a no-trade clause. This guarantees that Carmelo Anthony cannot be traded without him personally waiving the clause. This gives ‘Melo complete and utter power over his career and where it may, or may not, move.

Carmelo has been vocal in the fact that he only wants to go to Houston, and that’s that. This is really tying the Knicks up in the offers they can make and field. After the Rockets traded for and signed Chris Paul, Houston doesn’t have much in the bank to offer up for a 10-time All-Star like Anthony.

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Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis are the only bargaining chips the Knicks have. (Photo by Elsa/ Getty Images)

This clause also makes a possible trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers impossible as well. Many fans wonder why he wouldn’t want to go to a team that just competed for an NBA title the last three years in a row. This would be a great trade for both teams, Kyrie for Anthony, but Anthony makes it just an idea and not an option. The only chip, other than Anthony, that the Knicks have to garner trades for is Kristaps Porzingis, and that is reportedly not an option for the Knicks.

There are options other than Cleveland and Houston if Anthony were to give up his gung-ho Houston-or-nothing attitude. The Oklahoma City Thunder provide a great option for Carmelo Anthony. The reigning MVP Russell Westbrook and newly signed Paul George could create a great place for a player like Carmelo to come in to and flourish. They, unlike some other teams, do have some bargaining chips to play with. Players like Enes Kanter and Steven Adams could be great roster additions to the New York Knicks. Carmelo Anthony, Paul George, and Russell Westbrook on one roster is an interesting idea to ponder.

With Derrick Rose already gone, Carmlo Anthony has big decisions to make. [Image by Elsa/Getty Images]

Once again, and ultimately, all of this rides on the fact that Carmelo must decide that he will approve options other than Houston. He may end up being in New York for another season. Now, with Rose off to Cleveland, what type of decisions will Carmelo make concerning his future?

“Nothing has changed since Carmelo Anthony reportedly told the New York Knicks that the Houston Rockets are his preferred destination, according to a new report from ESPN.”

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