Rob Lowe And His Sons Explore Haunted Mysteries Of The Unknown In ‘The Lowe Files’ Premiere Next Week

Rob Lowe has done a lot of amazing things in his life, and that includes appearing in dramas, comedies, thrillers, and more, but he may be facing his greatest task yet in a new show on A&E. Starting this week, he will star in a brand new TV series, and Rob will have a couple of very close co-stars at his side in his sons, John Owen and Matthew. Believe it or not, the three men are going to explore the mysteries of the unknown and see if they can find out the truth on The Lowe Files.

It may sound very strange, but Rob Lowe actually and truly believes that a Bigfoot (or Sasquatch) was actually going to capture and kill him. Yes, that is going to be the subject of one of the episodes of The Lowe Files, but there is so much more in store when the series premieres on Aug. 2.

As the official website of A&E reports, the show features Rob, John Owen, 21, and Matthew, 23, traveling around the country to explore “infamous unsolved mysteries.” Believe it or not, the main idea behind the mysteries they tackle comes from Rob Lowe’s childhood and the stories he has always known and even told to his own sons.

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While this a way for Rob Lowe to form an even stronger bond between himself and his sons, the three men are going to look at some interesting legends which need some more proof. Believe it or not, they had plans on doing the show even without network backing as he told Entertainment Weekly.

“My boys and I were going to do this on our own and film it with our little cameras for a laugh. At one point I said, I bet someone will buy this and put it on the air. We talked about it for years until I had a general meeting with A&E. I told them my boys and I had the idea to hunt urban legends, myths, and monsters [and we decided] to make a show.”

Here are some of the locations and mysteries the men will explore on The Lowe Files.

  • Bigfoot / Sasquatch
  • Preston Castle – working with a renowned shaman
  • An abandoned boys’ reformatory
  • An alien base 2,000 feet under the water off the coast of Malibu, CA
  • Working with “Remote Viewing”
  • Wood Apes in the Ozark Mountains

Yes, this is going to be a serious show, which focuses on these unsolved mysteries and what the men of the Lowe family can find out about them. Still, there is some humor to be had in the idea that the iconic actor, Rob Lowe, is going to put himself in the middle of the woods and other situations to figure out the mysterious wonders of the world.

On Wednesday, Aug. 2, the world will watch the season premiere of The Lowe Files on A&E, and the show will bring unsolved mysteries to a whole new level. Rob Lowe, along with his sons, John Owen and Matthew, will look for the truth about the stories they have discussed throughout their lives. It will be interesting to see if they find any real evidence of Bigfoot, aliens or creatures of the deep, but it will be a lot of fun either way.

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