Michelle Duggar Gushes Over Jim Bob In Video, Fans Wonder If They Are Genuinely This Happy Together

It may come as no surprise that Michelle Duggar is quite devoted to her husband, Jim Bob, and now she has a video to prove it. The almost 10-minute clip has her gushing about her man in honor of his birthday and their wedding anniversary. The mother of 19 kids took the time to read off 100 things that she loves about her husband. It seems sweet, right? Well, not to some people, who think that they can’t really be this happy in their marriage.

The video is titled “100 Things I Want To Share With The World.” It was posted on Thursday on the Duggar Family website. Michelle is standing outdoors with the wind blowing around her, reading from a sheet of paper that she wrote to share how much she loves Jim Bob. She started out by explaining how they met when she was just 16-years-old.

Michelle was working at a yogurt shop when her future husband walked in the door. They were smitten with each other right off the bat, and obviously, they still are 34-years later. She explained that she wanted to express just how grateful she was and how much she admires Jim Bob. She then went on to verbally list all of the things she loves about him.

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob
The reality couple in Hawaii. [Image by Duggar Family Official Facebook]

The highlights of her list state that Jim Bob is a respectful and caring husband, as well as a leader in their home and guiding their children. He also helps around the house and provides loads of pickles for their family, even though he is the only one who doesn’t like them. Michelle Duggar practically praises the ground he walks on. He also entices his wife by wearing a favorite cologne that she loves. No wonder they have so many kids!

Of course, whatever the Duggar family does seems to cause controversy. Even this sweet video has caused fans on Facebook to squabble among themselves. While most people commented on how lovely it is that Michelle thought up 100 things to love about her husband, others seem to wonder if this isn’t the Duggar way of covering up their marital troubles.

Can the Duggar family matriarch actually be this sugary sweet over her spouse and really mean it? By watching this video, she makes it seem like they have the perfect marriage. Many people think that Jim Bob Duggar is controlling over his wife and his 19 offspring. However, most of their devoted fans are pretty sure that they are genuinely happy.


Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar just returned home from Hawaii, where they spent their wedding anniversary this year. They have been married 33 years and still love to spend some alone time together. The reality couple left their brood at home in Arkansas to go bask on the sunny beaches of Kauai. It was a surprise trip for Michelle, which may prove to be yet another thing that tops the list of 100 things she loves about her 52-year-old husband.

What do you think about Michelle Duggar gushing over Jim Bob? Sweet or not?

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]