‘Big Brother 19’ Fans Blast Ramses For Not Trying To Save Himself In The ‘BB19’ Game

Big Brother 19 has lost yet another houseguest, and this one was a bit of a blindside. Ramses Soto was the latest evictee in the Big Brother house, a victim of a pawn plan gone awry. While Josh Martinez was the target of this week’s Head of Household, Jessica Graf, returning Big Brother veteran Paul Abrahamian was the real person calling the shots. Ramses is out, Josh is in, and a classic Big Brother move was played.

In his exit interview with Big Brother host Julie Chen, Ramses revealed that he knows who is running the show inside the CBS summertime house (Paul!), but the Big Brother superfan seemed to be clueless about his own gameplay.

“I was working really hard,” Ramses told the Big Brother host.

“I was making sure that I got those votes. But I feel like other people already had really good links that they had already been working together from the beginning of this game. And once I tried to get to them, it really didn’t work out as well as I thought.”

Ramses said his strategy was to “just be friends with everybody,” but his game fell apart when his closest ally, Jillian Parker, was sent home early. Ramses said after Jillian’s departure, there was a point where “neither side of the house” was really on his side.

[Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]

The 21-year-old cosplay artist also condemned the Big Brother houseguests for voting him out, saying it was a big mistake to keep Martinez.

“I could have been someone that could have been really loyal to someone that could have picked me, and Josh literally just flies all over the place,” he said.

While Ramses claims he tried to save himself in the Big Brother game, fans don’t agree. Some BB19 superfans feel that Ramses threw in the towel, doing too little, too late when it came to trying to convince the other houseguests not to vote him out. Former Big Brother winner Evel Dick Donato called Ramses a “worthless” houseguest.


Ahead of his doomed Big Brother stint, Ramses said he planned to use his social game to win over the other houseguests.

“The base of my strategy will be my social game, which I don’t really think I need to worry about too much because for some reason people automatically like me as soon as they meet me,” he said, according to Big Brother Network.

“I will use my young looks and fun personality as a shield for whenever I need to make a strong strategic game move. No one will expect me to be a strong minded and strategic player.”

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Ramses said he had planned to have a secret alliance with one person who he would take to the end. Ramses explained that his ride-or-die would be “the second strongest physical player on my side,” so that that person would be a bigger target than him. Ramses also revealed that he planned to keep his own physical strength a secret until he made it to the Final four.

“During the final four week, I WILL win HOH so that I am guaranteed a spot in the final three,” he predicted.

“No one will expect me to win final HOH because they never expected me to be a physical threat. No one needs to know my competition strength until this point in the game.”

Unfortunately, no one will get to see Ramses Soto’s competition strength at all now. Unless there is another Battle Back twist, that is.

You can see Ramses Soto’s exit interview with Big Brother host Julie Chen below.

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