‘BB 19’ Spoilers: Team Paul Talks Game And Plans For All Scenarios — Can They Take Control Of The House?

'Big Brother 19' Kevin Team Paul promo shot

BB19 has Paul Abrahamian leading part of the house in some very strategic moves. He is thinking things through, looking at all the possibilities of what may go wrong, and figuring out how to get what he wants. This strategic thinking has gotten him a lot of support from other houseguests, and an arch enemy in Cody.

The following will contain Big Brother 19 spoilers. If you don’t want to know what may make the editorial cut for the show, don’t continue to read.

As was reported on Joker’s Updates last night, Jessica knows that there is mutiny stirring in the house. Kevin warned her that Ramses was the target for eviction by most of the house, rather than Josh as she wants. Of course, this development has both her and Cody scrambling for answers, but no one is admitting to anything. The BB19 houseguests want her to think Ramses is safe and have the rug pulled out from under her when the vote for his eviction is 7-3.

Team Paul has been working overtime to prepare for the HOH competition. With Jessica unable to compete, Cody will be fighting hard to win the power to keep himself and Jessica safe. Paul thinks it will be a mental comp. He has been studying with Christmas, Matt, Raven, Jason, and Kevin. Mark is acting shady, and Elena is double shady, so they aren’t in on the plans. Paul has devised a plan in case they are asked a question that is either true or false. According to Joker’s Updates, if a question is asked that they have not discussed, three will select true, and the other three will select false. That way they won’t lose more than three BB19 houseguests on one question in the fight for Head of Household.

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Julie Chen has prepared fans for a curse to be unleashed on the BB19 house on tonight’s show. When Jessica gave into temptation and took the Halting Hex, it triggered this. With no clue of what punishment is coming, we aren’t sure if it will impact the upcoming HOH competition. Fans do know that the Halting Hex remains an option for Jessica through two more evictions. If Team Paul’s plan works the way they are planning, Jody will need the hex to save them next week.

Are you excited to know what the curse is? Do you think Team Paul can pull their plan off and keep Josh in the BB19 house? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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