'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 102 Spoilers: 'DBS' Deconstructs The Magical Girl Genre

The official summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 has been released by Weekly Shonen Jump, and it teases a number of exciting developments in the ongoing Tournament of Power. According to the recently released teaser, Universe 2's trump cards attempted something significant, only to be thwarted by a Universe 7 member. Unfortunately for the U7 warrior, his actions triggered the purist fighters in the tournament, including Goku.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 102, "A Huge Explosion of Love Power?! Universe 2's Magical Girl Warrior!!" is set to air on August 6. The episode will feature one of the most highly-anticipated fighters for Universe 2, the Magical Girl, Brianne, a character that is a nod to the iconic Sailor Moon franchise. Here is the episode's Weekly Shonen Jump summary, as translated by noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship.

"Now's the time to merge?! The warrior of love and victory. White-hot battles continue at the Tournament of Power. The Universe 2 warrior Brianne merges with her allies Sanka and Su, transforming into Ribrianne! How powerful is she?!

"No. 17 This Week: Unable to take the hint, he immediately attacks! No. 17 doesn't hesitate to attack while Brianne is in the middle of her transformation. But he is criticized as acting tastelessly by not only the people of Universe 2, but Goku to boot?!"

Quite unsurprisingly, the premise of DBS Episode 102 has managed to strike the interest of the Dragon Ball Super online community. In the official DBS subreddit, for one, viewers and avid fans of the popular anime have reacted positively to the events of Episode 102, with many stating that the episode seems set to deconstruct the magical girl genre in anime.
The Tournament of Power already features a number of nods to classic, popular anime series and genres. Some of the tournament's fighters were obviously inspired by other shonen series, such as Yu-Yu Hakusho, and the entire Universe 11 team is basically a Super Sentai squad. Thus, Dragon Ball Super Episode 102's nod to the magical girl genre is definitely well within DBS' current trend.

Based on the Weekly Shonen Jump summary, however, it seems that Dragon Ball Super will deconstruct the magical girl genre in a significant way. As stated in the teaser, Android 17 of Universe 17 will aggressively attack the U2 fighters in the middle of their transformation, simply because they were taking far too much time.

Unfortunately for Android 17, however, his actions are deemed unacceptable by purist warriors, including Son Goku. The Saiyan, after all, prefers to fight his opponents when they have reached their full potential. Despite this, however, many fans of the anime have stated that it is difficult to deny the logic behind No. 17's actions. After all, if the Universe 2 girls are open for attack, there is no reason to hold back.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services, including FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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