Viral Photo Of Elderly Man Feeding Ice Cream To Disabled Wife In 98-Degree Heat Proves What Love Really Is

If you’re in search of a feel-good story to soothe your spirits in place of the daily pattern of negative headlines, the story behind a photo of an elderly man feeding his disabled wife ice cream in sweltering heat may just melt your soul.

Brent Kelley is a minister in Tennessee who happened to be at the right place and at the right time to capture a tender-loving moment. The 34-year-old church pastor was enjoying a moment with his three children at a Franklin Sonic Drive-In when he witnessed a precious moment unfolding.

Kelley spoke to Today hosts about the endearing moment.

“It was the perfect representation of what love is. It was unselfish. It was 98 degrees and he’s sitting next to the pavement, which is also warm, and he’s feeding his wife ice cream because she’s disabled.”

Without thinking, Kelley quickly used his smartphone’s camera and took a picture of an elderly husband feeding ice cream to his disabled wife as he assumed a partial sitting position on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. The senior couple appeared to be in their eighth decade of life, according to the photographer.

Realizing what he had, Kelley posted the image to his Facebook account, and the post went viral in short order.

As of this writing, the image of the man feeding ice cream to his beloved wife has been “liked” 465,471 and shared 332,380 times. Moreover, the loving photo sparked a conversation about loving what matters and having unconditional love. It attracted over 62,000 comments about the man’s charming gesture to his disabled spouse.

“If there was more of that and less people trying to use each other this world would be a better place,” wrote Brad Johnston.

“That is love for real,” wrote Gloria Jean James.

Jean Sievert wrote, “What a joy to see something like that, hope young people take notice!”

“Sometimes the things you see in the split circuit is a moment your life did you wish for it to be yours in the future them to have had a good life,” wrote Alan Youngs.

In an unrelated story, a police officer in New York, who died in an ambush attack in 2014, became the father of a baby girl three years later, thanks to in vitro fertilization. Many around the world are celebrating Wenjian Liu’s posthumous fatherhood.

Pei Xia Chen, the wife of the fallen officer, “delivered her baby on Tuesday at the New York–Presbyterian Hospital. Chen gave birth to a healthy girl, who weighed six pounds, 13 ounces.”

The NYPD officer and his partner died when a lone gunman ambushed them in Brooklyn as they sat in their police cruiser. The suspect later committed suicide before officers could arrest him. Before her husband died, Chen requested that his sperm is frozen. Nearly three years later, she gave birth to Angelina

Do the stories about Chen’s story and the elderly man feeding ice cream to his disabled wife during scorching heat melt your heart?

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[Featured Image by Kakanang Tasanavites/Shutterstock]