‘One Piece’ Episode 799 Spoilers: Luffy Uses Gear Four, But Cracker Reveals His True Form & Powerful Technique

Fans can expect the action to continue in Episode 799 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit anime series, One Piece. Previously, Luffy had started to realize that fighting one of the three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates is no walk in the park as it seemed that he couldn’t even damage Cracker. Thus, Luffy will be forced to use an even stronger attack this time, a Gear Four technique, to try to bring down his powerful opponent. But it still remains to be seen if such attack will be effective on Cracker as it is expected that the Commander will also have a stronger technique up his sleeve.

Gear Two & Three Attacks Useless Against Commander Cracker

In One Piece Episode 798, which is already available for online viewing on a number of sites, including Crunchyroll, Charlotte Cracker did not disappoint as far as fighting ability is concerned, and he is certainly worth the 860 million berries bounty on his head. As one of the three Sweet Commanders of Big Mom Pirates, Cracker was one powerful opponent that even gave Luffy a hard time.

Initially, Luffy used his Gear Two attack, Gomu Gomu, No Jet Bullet, and Red Hawk, but these proved to be ineffective against Cracker. Thus, Luffy decided to increase his attack strength a notch by using Gear Three attacks to try and take the Commander down. However, even his Gomu Gomu, no Elephant Gun, and Jet Stamp Gatling did not scratch his opponent.

Meanwhile, just one attack by Cracker using his sword, Pretzel, was enough to send Luffy flying across the forest, uprooting several trees in the process. Seeing their captain having a hard time with Big Mom’s underling, Nami and Chopper are starting to realize that they might have vastly underestimated the strength of their opponents.

Cracker Reveals His True Form & A Stronger Technique

In the coming One Piece Episode 799, Cracker will try to reason with the seemingly underpowered Luffy to abandon his plan of rescuing Sanji from his arranged wedding with Pudding. However, it will have the opposite effect on the Straw Hat captain and will instead push him to use the stronger Gear Four attacks.

But Cracker is not expected to go down that easily, or he would not have been named as one of the commanders of Big Mom Pirates. Luffy is in for a big surprise as his attacks will force Cracker to reveal his true form, along with an even deadlier technique.

One Piece Episode 799 will air this weekend. Stay tuned for updates.


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