'Dragon Ball Super' Content Coming To 'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2'

If you've been waiting for the launch of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, now there's more reason to get excited.

We have been getting some developments and announcements at the recently concluded E3 2015 and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 producer Masayuki Hirano reveals that he is hoping to add more Dragon Ball Super content into the upcoming title.

During his interview at the E3 2016, Hirano reveals that even though they are already considering to add elements from the on-going Dragon Ball Super series into the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, it is possible that this will be released right after the game has been launched since it takes time to build a character, Yibada reports.

To be able to sustain Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 even after its launch, it seems the producers are planning to release the Dragon Ball Super content via game updates and paid downloadable content (DLC).

Apart from the Dragon Ball Super content that is planned to come to the new game title, there are more updates revealed during the E3 2016.

In terms of avatar customization, the old character customization from Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be brought back and upgraded. More than stats and moves, the player's character affects which locations they can and cannot visit. For example, Namekians will be able to visit certain places on Planet Namek that someone of the Majin clan wouldn't be able to access.

In terms of new characters, Turtles (antagonist in the Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might movie) and Future Gohan will finally be making an appearance in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Bandai Namco has shared a new gameplay video for DBX 2 during the E3, and what better video to show than the sizzling battle of Turtles versus Future Gohan? Watch the new Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 gameplay featuring Turtles and Future Gohan below.

There will also be improvements in the overall gameplay from Dragon Ball Xenoverse to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. We will be able to see a much larger hub city that will be seven times bigger from the original DBX, able to support at least 300 players at the same time. Double the frame rate of the older DBX, DBX 2 will be running at 60 FPS, to complement the new dynamic camera that would be able to follow character movements during combat.

Tech Times has also expressed its concerns about the in-game loot system where players can fight other Dragon Ball characters to be able to acquire a certain special attack or ability from the said character. The loot system from the older Dragon Ball Xenoverse was generally frustrating and painstaking for most players, since getting the special attack or ability as a reward after a battle is completely left to chance. In addition, certain requirements are to be met, which are not the easiest tasks to be completed.

This kind of special ability reward system becomes even more frustrating further into the game, when the missions became longer and even more difficult. Trying to defeat an opponent multiple times to get his special ability is just way much work. We are expecting (and hoping) for a better loot system in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Expect more characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (courtesy of Bandai Namco)
Expect more characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 [Image via Bandai Namco]When will we get our hands on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? When Bandai Namco first announced the release of the title, they gave off a safe end of 2016 date. However, according to the recently released Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 trailer, we might be getting our hands on the title as soon as Autumn this year, sometime around September or October.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, releasing on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

[Image via Bandai Namco]