Prepare For Delays: New TSA Rule For Electronics Screening Coming To All U.S. Airports — Speed Up Tips

tsa security electronics screening united states airports

While trying their best to keep travelers safe, it looks as if some security measures are going to cause passengers to need to allow for a bit more time when trying to get to their flights. Along with the upcoming passport issues in nine states, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is about to up their security measures on all electronics larger than a cell phone, and it could be the cause of some delays.

According to the Los Angeles Times, new airport screening procedures are about to start for all carry-on luggage at all airports throughout the United States. The biggest changes are going to be in the screening of electronics which will now have passengers needing to take out and separately scan all devices larger than a cellphone.

While that type of screening has been in place for all larger electronic devices such as laptops and DVD players for a while now, TSA wants it on virtually all of them. Huban A. Gowadina is the acting administrator of the TSA and states this is in the best interest of all passengers.

“It is critical for TSA to constantly enhance and adjust security screening procedures to stay ahead of evolving threats and keep passengers safe.”

tsa security electronics screening united states airports

USA Today is reporting that the TSA will shift their focus to electronic devices such as e-readers and tablets which will now have to each be placed in separate bins/trays. Unfortunately, terrorists have found different ways to hide explosives in smaller mobile and electronic devices which calls for a more in-depth security screening.

Many questions are already coming up with the reveal that these new screening procedures will be put in place in the coming months. Some are wondering if TSA pre-check passengers will be affected by the changes.

In the past few months, the TSA has been working to help cut down on lines and wait times at security checkpoints in airports. For now, some have been running quite smoothly, but this new policy for electronics could bring about a series of new delays.

tsa security electronics screening united states airports

While travelers try to get used to the upcoming TSA changes at all airports, there are some things you can do to help make the most of your time. It’s true that nothing can be done about others in front of you, but following some of these time-saving tips will help you catch your flight with less stress.

  • Have your electronics (laptops, tablets, e-readers, portable DVD players) out and ready to be placed in separate bins.
  • Check in online and have that part of the boarding process already completed before you get to the airport.
  • Have all important papers, documents, and identification in an easily reachable place.
  • Downloading airline apps can help you considerably with gate, boarding time, and even delay information in the palm of your hand.
  • Get to the airport early. While this may not be the most ideal thing to do, it can help you make sure that no matter how many people delay the process, you still make your flight.

The new changes coming to the TSA security screening process are likely going to take some getting used to for all passengers. While there may be some who catch onto it quickly, others may not travel as often and won’t think to take their smaller electronics out and place them each into separate bins. As this new policy goes into effect at all United States airports in the coming months, delays are to be expected, but following some time-saving tips will help you make your flights on time.

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]