Ryan Serhant Inspired By Dad’s Advice: ‘MDLNY’ Star Explains Success

Ryan Serhant has been filming Million Dollar Listing: New York for years, and he has experienced tremendous success thanks to the reality show. In fact, he has been such an interesting character to follow that Bravo is now granting him his own show. He will film Sell It Like Serhant with other business owners who are looking for advice to sell more of their own products. Even though Fredrik Eklund is the one who has written a book about selling, Ryan is the one who will have a show about it.

But Serhant wasn’t born into money. In fact, in a recent Instagram video, Ryan reveals that his father was actually the person who inspired him to work hard. He explains that his father once told him that his job wasn’t to sit on the couch and watch television all day. Perhaps, he was trying to inspire Ryan to do something with his life, and it seems to have worked.

According to a new Instagram post, Ryan Serhant reveals that he is up every morning to head to the gym. Sometimes, his posts are online by 4:30 am, and other times, at around 6 am. But it sounds like Serhant makes time for his wife, his work, and his personal health.

Yesterday, Ryan Serhant revealed that he was indeed terrified at the way the filming was going for Sell It Like Serhant. While the show may be a hit, it sounds like the network is taking a chance on him, and he knows that he will need to bring it to make it a success. He gets to speak to the cameras now, which is much different than what he is used to doing.

“4:31 AM. I woke up this morning with so much on my mind. We’ve started production on #SellItLikeSerhantwhich is insane. Work is crazy busy. I really really had to pee. But I was mostly thinking about why I wake up so early. My gut instinct is always to go back to sleep. 1 more hour. 2 more hours. Hell, I’m my own boss. I’m a real estate agent. Maybe I’ll just take the day off and watch TV and eat lucky charms!” Ryan explains in the video he shared on Instagram.

But Ryan Serhant doesn’t question his role in the industry. As he points out in his Instagram post, he is a real-estate agent, and he loves what he does. He will continue to work harder, even if the show doesn’t work out. It is something new and unique, and viewers may not enjoy seeing Ryan in this light. On the other hand, this could end up being a highly successful show with millions of viewers.

What do you think of Ryan Serhant’s new chance? Are you surprised that his father is such a big inspiration for him?

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Ryan Serhant]

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