Fredrik Eklund Reveals Why He Hasn’t Talked Baby On ‘MDLNY’

Fredrik Eklund used to be very open and honest about his desire to have a baby girl named Mila. He revealed on Million Dollar Listing: New York that he wanted a brown-haired, blue-eyed baby, and he was excited about trying to have one. He shared his plans on the show and even announced he was expecting twins with his husband, Derek Kaplan, via a surrogate. However, Fredrik experienced some highs and lows during his journey, and he was devastated after losing his twins and even miscarrying another baby during a second try.

According to a new Bravo report, Fredrik Eklund is now opening up about his decision to stop talking about his baby plans. While Fredrik has revealed that he still wants a baby of his own, it may have been too painful to announce a pregnancy and then announce a miscarriage just weeks later. Fredrik was so excited about becoming a father that he was completely devastated when he learned that he had lost his twins. Despite trying a second time, Eklund is still not a father. He was so saddened by the results that he decided to put the parenting journey on hold, and fans have been wondering whether he has given up completely.

Fredrik Eklund recently opened up to Bravo about why he decided to wait to have children. It’s not that he doesn’t want children anymore, but he has just decided to keep this part of his journey to himself. He and his husband have agreed to push forward with the journey to have children, but they are keeping it private for now.

“This is one of the reasons that I’m so happy. We chose, I chose, not to talk about it. Sorry, boring answer. But I think that I shared so much for so long, maybe too much, which is important. But I feel like what’s happening right now, I won’t talk about for a little longer. But it’s a good thing, I think. It feels really good, you know? It’s so beautiful, and it’s very private. I’ll share it when the time is ready,” Eklund revealed to Bravo.

Fredrik could have chosen to keep his journey private because it was too emotional to share it before. When Eklund happily announced he was expecting twins, it didn’t take more than a few weeks before he learned that he would not become a father to twins. He was devastated, even though his husband kept pushing for a second attempt. His doctor even encouraged him to try again, as it had taken him seven tries to have his child.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund’s decision to keep the baby plans to himself?

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