Jana Duggar Makes Pizza With Younger Siblings, Family’s Critics Point Out Michelle’s Absence

Among the 19 Duggar siblings, Jana is arguably the most mysterious. Unlike some of her younger siblings who opted for marriage at an earlier age, Jana has held out on committing to a married life. Over the past years, and as depicted in the 19 Kids and Counting spinoff series Counting On, Jana is mostly keeping herself busy with her own little projects. Apart from this, the 27-year-old reality TV star is also known to be the de facto guardian of her younger siblings, especially when Duggar parents Jim Bob and Michelle are away.

Jana’s tendency to be a stand-in for her parents has become a huge point of interest among fans and followers of the Duggar family. Many, for one, have stated that the eldest daughter of the conservative reality TV family might be missing out on the joys of being a single, late-20s woman. These sentiments from the Duggar family’s social media followers were in full show when an image featuring Jana and her younger family members was recently uploaded in the Duggar Family Official Facebook page.

The Facebook image was innocent enough, revealing Jana in the kitchen supervising the young Duggar kids as they made some homemade pizza. The recently uploaded image has garnered a pretty significant reaction from the family’s Facebook followers, with the picture gaining more than 3,000 likes within the first hour of being posted.

Despite the mostly positive reactions from the Duggars’ Facebook community, a number of the reality TV family’s followers on the social media platform have criticized the image for once more portraying Jana as a stand-in parent to the younger members of the Duggar family. Some have even noted that whenever the family uploads pictures including the eldest Duggar daughter, Jana would almost always be featured doing domestic chores.

“I wish Jana had a life outside of taking care of her siblings,” wrote one commenter.

“Poor Jana. She never gets time to herself,” another commenter stated.

Apart from Jana being portrayed as the family’s resident babysitter once more, some of the family’s social media followers also pointed out that Michelle, the Duggar matriarch, was nowhere to be found in the recently uploaded picture.

“Why isn’t Michelle making pizza with the kids? #JustSaying” one of the family’s social media followers wrote.

“What are Mom & Dad up to?” wrote another commenter.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently went to Hawaii to celebrate their marriage anniversary. Over the past few days, the Duggar parents have shared snapshots of their relaxing vacation to their social media followers. While many congratulated Jim Bob and Michelle for having such a great time on their vacation, however, many of the family’s critics also expressed concerns about Jana, who was likely tasked with her younger siblings’ supervision once more.

We are so excited to share more video and pictures from our Hawaii trip! •link in the bio•

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In the official Counting On subreddit, many pointed out that the eldest Duggar daughter probably had a challenging time while her parents were away on vacation. After all, some of her siblings are extremely young, and one of them, Josie, is known to have seizures from time to time.

“I feel really bad for Jana during this. She had the opposite of a vacation. I’m sure she was probably greeted with hollow thanks from her parents upon their return,” a member of the subreddit stated.

Jana Duggar is featured in the 19 Kids and Counting spinoff series Counting On, which is scheduled to return on TLC this September.

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