Singer Morrissey Blames Nurses Suicide On Kate Middleton

Another day, another gripe from The Smiths front man now solo artist Morrissey. It seems like the, “woe is me” singer has targeted Lady Gaga and Madonna for being talentless pop tarts, and now he’s targeting Kate Middleton.

Morrissey , who is famously unapologetic over his controversial remarks has now pointed a finger at Middleton for the suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse that connected a prank call at King Edward VII’s Hospital. Seems like Morrissey is pretty ticked off at the Duchess.

When asked about the whole ordeal Morrissey said:

“Even with the recent story about the nurse killing herself in King Edward VII’s Hospital, there’s no blame placed at Kate Middleton, who was at the hospital, for as far as I can see, no reason,” Morrisey told New Zealand’s 3 News Tuesday. ” She feels no shame about the death of this woman, she’s saying nothing about the death of this poor woman. The arrogance of the British royals is staggering and why it’s allowed to be I really don’t know.”

If that wasn’t enough of a statement to rock the boat, Morrissey happened to continue on, stating that the DJs aren’t the ones to blame:

“It wasn’t because of two DJs in Australia that this woman took her own life – it was the pressure around her and we forget about that,” Morrissey, who has described the royal family as a dictatorship in the past, rambled in the televised interview. “And the royals are exonerated as always.”

Morrissey’s choice words towards Kate is interesting. Being a dictator suggests that Middleton is a ruler that orders everyone around with an iron fist, but as we know, Middleton is a young woman who fell in love with a Prince, and just so happened to have really horrible morning sickness.

However, Morrissey doesn’t just blame Kate Middleton for the suicide, he spreads the wealth and blames the Queen as well:

“I’m sure the palace and Clarence House put maximum pressure on this poor nurse — and of course that’s kept away from the press. I’m sure the British press hounded this poor woman to her death. That’s kept away. I’m sure by next week she’ll be forgotten… And that’s how British royals work.”

It is said that Saldanha left three suicide notes all for the remaining members of her family.

Do you agree with Morrissey?