Jay Park: Kpop Star Signs With Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, ‘This Is A Win For Asian Americans’

After several years of building a loyal fan base and delivering successful tracks, Park Jaebeom, Korean pop artist who is also known as Jay Park, has officially been signed to Jay-Z’s management company, Roc Nation. Roc Nation is home to a diverse roster of recording artists, musicians, and record producers including Rihanna, DJ Khaled, Demi Lovato, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and J.Cole

Kpop groups have a massive fan base in South Korea and other parts of the world but have made its way into the hearts of music lovers across America.

On Instagram, Jay Park shared the official news of being signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and shared some triumphant words on partaking in such a monumental moment in music. The Kpop star added that his union with RocNation is a win for all of the overlooked and under appreciated artists.

“This is a win for the Town… This is a win for Korea… This is a win for Asian Americans.”

Park left the Kpop group, 2PM amid a scandal. The artist posted comments to MySpace that were mistranslated and deemed offensive to some South Koreans.

Overnight, fans who were once loyal to Jay Park turned on the 22-year-old. Many went as far as creating and signing an online petition for him to commit suicide, according to i-D.

In 2009, Jay Park flew back to his hometown of Seattle and was later kicked off of the JYP label. The detours in his career didn’t stop the artist from creating new music.

The Korean rapper added that his union with Jay Z’s management company is a success for genuine people, those who are honest and authentic.

Jay thanked his fans for their acknowledgment and recognition and added that he is, “Just gettin’ started 10년차가수인데 이제부터시작이네????????????#RocFam #RocNation.”

Park began his hip-hop career once he was back in Seattle. Since then, Park has released four studio albums, including his bilingual album, “Everything You Wanted.”

Park’s YouTube channel has nearly 200 million total views, featuring smash hits like “Mommae” with 18 million views and “You Know” (featuring Okasian) which currently resides at 15 million views.

Jay Park heads AOMG (Above Ordinary Music Group) an independent record label that manages hip-hop and R&B artists, with Simon Dominic.

Jay Park said he was proud that his indie record label, AOMG, could give other artists freedom. If an artist has a vision of their career in mind and is not able to carry out that vision, they may become miserable, Park stated.

“I want all my artists to be successful, even if they’re more successful than me. I want their contracts to be good, I want their families to be happy. I don’t look at them as people who make money for a company, it’s a brotherhood.”

Just hours after sharing his Roc Nation news, Park dropped a new music video for new single, “Most Hated,” a collaboration with Korean rapper, Dok2.

According to AOMG, the negotiation with Roc Nation started in late 2016. The American entertainment company is expected to help in the activities of the rapper-producer, by way of music production and work in the United States.

AOMG further added that Jay Park is currently in New York for meetings with Roc Nation. Jay-Z founded Roc Nation in 2008.

After posting a humble and heartfelt “thank you” to his fans, Jay Park and hip-hop artists Heize released the new track, “Sunday.”

The footage consists of colorful visual effects intended to appear as a fashion magazine spread. Meanwhile, Heize and Jay Park sing their hearts this melodic tune seemingly illustrating longing to see their significant other.

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