Free Xbox One Games For August Feature ‘Bayonetta’ And ‘Slime Rancher’ In Games With Gold

The Xbox One Games with Gold lineup for August was revealed Tuesday with an interesting slate of titles. The Xbox One is getting the cutesy Slime Rancher, and it is launching for free to LIVE Gold subscribers. It will be joined by Trials Fusion and two classic Xbox 360 backward compatible games, Bayonetta and Red Faction: Armageddon.

The August Games with Gold kicks off on August 1 with the one-two punch of Slime Rancher and Bayonetta. The brand-new sandbox title will be available to download for free through the end of the month. Meanwhile, the over-the-top action title from Platinum Games will only be free until August 15.

The selection of free Xbox games shuffles some on August 16. Trials Fusion will become free then along with the Xbox 360 shooter, Red Faction: Armageddon.

As a reminder, some July Games with Gold titles are still available to download for free. The Xbox One indie platform racing title, Runbow, will be free to download until August 15. Meanwhile, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game will hang around until July 31.

Slime Rancher

Indie developer Monomi Park introduced Slime Rancher to Steam Early Access in January 2016. The game became an immediate favorite of those who gave it a try with a steady amount of “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews. It is now ready to be released officially, and that includes the Xbox One.

Slime Rancher is an open-world exploration title as plays as Beatrix LeBeau, a rancher far out in space who makes her living with slimes. Different kinds of slime will need to be captured and taken care of properly to build Beatrix’s fortune. This means venturing away from the ranch to discover new slimes and get the resources you need.

[Image by Monomi Park]


Platinum Games took the gaming world by storm with Bayonetta. The action game is full of style and wild combos as the heroine takes on innumerable enemies. The title was a critical hit on the Xbox 360 with a 90 aggregate review score from Metacritic.

Trials Fusion

Ubisoft already had a surprise hit on their hands with the original physics-based platform motorcycle racing title. Trials Fusion builds on the formula with a track editor for players to share their own courses and mini-games. The series has proven to be both addictive and punishingly challenging at the same time. That, combined with a so-so reception of some of the new features, led to an 80 Metacritic score. Still, check out the crazy Awesome Level MAX DLC that lets you play as a unicorn-riding cat.

[Image by Ubisoft]

Red Faction: Armageddon

This was the last entry in the Red Faction franchise from developer Volition and then-publisher THQ. Set on Mars more than one hundred years in the future as the main protagonist attempts to stop a cultist from destroying what life remains on the mining colony. It’s a somewhat linear first-person shooter with destructible elements. It was hit hard by reviews for story campaign and other issues leading to a 71 Metacritic score.

[Featured Image by Platinum Games / Sega]

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