'Roseanne' Revival: Sarah Chalke Confirms She'll Shoot Scenes With Original Becky, Lecy Goranson

Victoria Miller

Spoilers for Roseanne Barr's upcoming revival of the Roseanne show remain few and far between, but one thing is for sure: nearly all of the long-running sitcom's original cast members will take part in the ABC reboot. Now, actress Sarah Chalke, who played oldest daughter Becky Conner after original actress Lecy Goranson took time off to go to college, confirms she will share screen time with her TV "twin."

It has already been confirmed that Goranson will resume the role as Becky Conner when Roseanne returns for an eight-episode reboot in 2018. Now, Chalke tells TV Line that while she's "sworn to secrecy" about what her own role will be in the Roseanne revival, viewers will get to see the two Becky actresses do some scenes together.

"I'm super-excited to do scenes with her," Chalke told TV Line of her upcoming scenes with Goranson.

"We never got to hang out, except at a Roseanne reunion photo shoot."

"We haven't worked together a lot, so it'll be fun to actually get to work and do scenes with her," Sarah said.

"Because we only sort of see each other where literally they'll have a Roseanne reunion, and they'll have a photo shoot where we're having an arm-wrestle. These very specific meetings with switched-off parts."

While other TV shows have swapped out the actors in major roles without mentioning the change (Bewitched, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air come to mind), Roseanne has poked fun at the "two Beckys" in the past. Fans may recall the episode where an adult DJ Conner is in therapy because he's still confused by the rotating Beckys.

"They say she's the same, but she isn't the same," the character says.

The Season 7 Roseanne episode also included a spoof of The Patty Duke Show intro, in which both Beckys were featured.

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