Lindsay Lohan Gets Strip Club Offer To Pay Down Debt

If the Octomom can pay off her debt by starring in a porno than Lindsay Lohan should be able to lessen her financial burden by taking her clothes off at a strip club.

The Inquisitr reported earlier that Lohan has been struggling to pay her $16,000 storage facility bill as well as her $8,000-a-month mansion. Lohan is also facing tax problems with the IRS. The former A-list celebrity could lessen her financial burden if she takes up New York Strip club Scores on their offer to host a web chat on

According to TMZ, the gentleman’s club is offering to pay Lohan’s storage facility bill. The strip club also said that Lohan wouldn’t have to get naked to hose the chat forum.

Scores writes:

“We understand that you have recently been spending some time in NYC, and we would like to arrange for you to host a few events online for presents hundreds of beautiful ladies who appear by webcam nightly entertaining upscale gentlemen in the privacy of their homes. We are currently starting a new promotion wherein we will engage famous, female celebrities as hosts for special events streamed live from our club, SCORES, on West 28th Street in Manhattan for the VIP members of”

The Huffington Post reports that Lohan may not be desperate enough yet to work for Scores. A friend close to the actress said that the stories about Lohan’s financials have been exaggerated and that she isn’t in any real trouble yet.

Lohan’s financial picture may not be as bleak as reported but the actress does have some serious legal issues to deal with. Lohan is currently looking at close to a year in jail.