Meghan King Edmonds Tackles The Haters: Daughter In Boat Without A Life Vest?

Meghan King Edmonds has been very good at sharing pictures and videos of her daughter, Aspen, on social media. Fans have followed her journey to get pregnant with Aspen, and they all cried with her when she learned that one of the twins implanted during IVF had not survived the process. However, King Edmonds was pregnant with one child, and she was born in November last year. Meghan was excited to become a mother, but on The Real Housewives of Orange County, she’s revealing that motherhood is hard and has struggled to make it work sometimes.

According to a new Instagram post, Meghan King Edmonds is now addressing the haters upfront so they don’t attack her on whatever they see wrong with her choices. Meghan has been attacked about various things, including Aspen wearing a headband with a bow on it and letting her dog lick her daughter’s face. So when Meghan shared a picture this weekend of Aspen sitting in a boat, she decided to tackle the negativity up front. She wrote in the caption that they were docked and the boat was not in motion at the time.

It sounds like Meghan King Edmonds is prepared for negative criticism whenever she posts something online about her daughter. It’s sad that someone can’t even share happy updates without facing some criticism for her posts. King Edmonds hasn’t done anything highly controversial, and it seems like people are just trying to criticize her without any valid reason.

Perhaps Meghan is used to the spotlight these days, as she knows that Real Housewives of Orange County fans can be harsh. Perhaps they are trying to rattle her, but she has a strong foundation and feels confident in her role as a mother. While she has admitted that motherhood is tough, it doesn’t make her a bad mother. In fact, it just makes her an honest mother.

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What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds handling the criticism in advance? Are you surprised that people are so rude and mean towards her?

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