Coco Austin Speaks Out Against People Upset Over Her New Hairstyle

Coco Austin recently posted a picture of her new hairstyle, and she upset a lot of people with this photo. Now, the Hollywood Gossip is sharing that Coco doesn’t seem to understand what she did wrong and is speaking out against these people. When it comes to social network posts, Coco normally posts pictures of her body or of her adorable daughter. This new photo that has everyone upset is one of her hair, though.

In these pictures, Coco’s hair was in long, tight braids. She even made it sound like she made up the hairstyle, calling it the “Coco Swoop.” The issue with this hairstyle is that some people feel it is inappropriate due to her being white. Coco has been sharing that she loves the braids.

People went a bit crazy on social media and explained to Coco Austin what they felt like she had done wrong. Coco later made a video explaining that she doesn’t feel this should be a race thing, and she is very upset about people trashing her for wearing braids. She said that she names all of the styles she does herself, and that is why this one has a name. Coco wants to make sure everyone knows that she realizes braids have been around for years, but she doesn’t see the issue with her naming the ones she had in her hair.

Coco Austin doesn’t understand at all why everyone is hating on her, and she really does feel like she can do anything she wants. She even said that if she wants to wear a pineapple on her head and name it, then she should be able to do it. Coco is tired of people hating on her. She doesn’t seem to understand the issue of cultural appropriation. Coco is just really upset that people are calling this a race thing, and she doesn’t understand what is going on at all.

She explained, “It has nothing to do with race. But this just goes to show you that no one reads the captions underneath pictures. Otherwise, you would understand that this is not an issue. It’s something that I do. It’s a Coco-ism, okay?”

Coco is still wearing those braids, too.

What do you think of Coco Austin’s new hairstyle? Do you feel like she took things too far? Sound off in the comments section. Check out the video below to see part of what Coco Austin had to say.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]

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