‘Sex And The City 3’ Hopes Dashed? Chris Noth Has No Interest In Returning As Mr. Big

Sex and the City fans have always hoped that the cast would return either for a TV series revival or to make a third movie. However, those hopes may have been cut to pieces after actor Chris Noth revealed that he has absolutely no interest in returning to the franchise as the character of Mr. Big aka John Preston.

According to Us Weekly magazine, Chris Noth reveals that he believes Mr. Big’s story has all been told, and that he doesn’t believe he needs to reprise the role to add anything to the character. Instead, the actor says he wants to tell “other stories” through new characters in his career.

Chris Noth played the role of Mr. Big on Sex and the City from 1998 to 2004 and later returned to reprise the role for two featured films. While fans are still obsessed with the show, the characters, and even the fashion from the series/movies, Noth says he’s okay with being recognized as Mr. Big for life.

Noth claims that while he “doesn’t understand” the fact that fans are still so in love with his character, he does “accept” that the show will seemingly never die, especially for the die-hard fans. Meanwhile, the actor also states that he doesn’t get why fans always liked Mr. Big, because he “wasn’t the the guy that got away.”

Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker film Sex and the City 2
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Many Sex and the City fans agree with Noth and believe that Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, should have ended up with her ex-fiance Aiden. However, the show always centered around Carrie and Big as the main love story, even when their relationship seemed to be at rock bottom, which it did multiple times. However, fans know that the two ended up together at the end of the series, and even later got married in the movie, as it seems they were just meant to be.

Sex and the City co-stars Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker.
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What do you think of Chris Noth revealing he doesn’t want to play Mr. Big ever again? Do you think this dashes any hopes of another Sex and the City movie or a TV revival?

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